Makes Me Feel Undecided


July 23, 2012

Its been almost five years that I have not visited the Philippines and I know how anxious every one is to see my son, Charles. Over the last few months my husband, Doug and I have been thinking of visiting the Philippines, hopefully next year. Though sometimes it makes me feel undecided whether we should go home or not and you know how much it could cost us on our budget. The plane ticket would cost us more money and my husband, Doug is the only one working in the family. I am still not sure whether Charles would enjoy long hours of flight without getting up from the airplane. Just like when we visit my husband’s sisters is about four to six hours drive and Charles gets bored inside the car. How much more with a flight of around 23 hours?  I can’t imagine Charles would be happy on this kind of trip. The positive thing for the trip for sure is Charles is not scared of the automatic toilet and hand dryer anymore. Anyway, visiting in the Philippines is just a plan and I still have a couple of months to think about whether we should take a vacation or not. I like around May or June. Just in time for my husband to be done at school for the summer. I also like December and I really missed how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines and the food as well.


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