Customer DisService


July 13, 2012

We moved into this house just a couple of days ago. Every thing had turned out really good when it came to moving our things. Thanks to some members of the wrestling team Jeremy, Caleb, Ramsey, and Zeb’s dad Sterling. Last Friday night, we had our U-verse internet connection installed by my husband. Every thing works great and has a faster video stream for about an hour on our desktop, laptop, iPhone and X-box. When Doug was about to connect the internet to our DirecTV every thing just went off. He called the customer service and stayed on the line for about an hour. A representative from U-verse sent a technician the next day to fix the problem and the internet connection got fixed. Though the cord is laying on the ground for a week now and we need somebody to bury this cord. My husband is on the phone for almost an hour now just to let U-verse on this problem. 

Doug had called DirecTV with our bill adjustment and it didn’t take so long. Why every thing has to be automated system every time you call on these big companies? So many buttons to press on your phone and it is very irritating and most of the time a customer service representative couldn’t understand what your talking about. My husband is just too nice every time he’s dealing on the phone. When it is me on the phone I will surely get mad. What do you think?


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