Charles Likes Football


July 26, 2012

It was football season when I arrived here in the U.S., way back in November 2007. Of course, I had no idea what football is all about and how it was being played. I tried to watch football and I felt like I can’t stand watching the game. It made me dizzy watching the players running back and forth from the field. Just a year or two later, I began to like watching the football game. In fact, my husband and I went to a college football game in Columbia, Missouri. The last one was the border showdown between the Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers at the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium. It was fun watching the game at the stadium. The crowd is very loud but I really enjoy watching football. This year watching football with my husband, Doug and Charles is going to be more enjoyable. Charles likes to play football when his dad is playing NCAA Football on his X-Box.


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