Charles is Full of Surprises


July 8, 2012

I had a very busy week. My husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda visited us for the summer and we all enjoyed their visit. Yesterday, we took them to the Walmart museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. I had no idea it was their market day so I was amazed when I saw the fresh produce from the local farmers. Then we went to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and they also loved it. For our dinner yesterday they wanted to eat Barbecue so we took them to eat at Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse. My son Charles surprised us when he said the blessing before we started eating our dinner. 

We are very happy for him knowing we never really say a prayer before we start eating in our house. We all liked our dinner and we headed back to the hotel where they stayed at. Charles had his swimming with his aunt Connie. My eyes were hurting really bad yesterday so my husband and I decided to stay inside the room and watched the NASCAR race. We’re glad though before the race was over Charles and his aunt Connie were back in the room and they watched the last 2 laps of the race.


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