Be a Top Wrestler


July 9, 2012

I feel like doing nothing today. My son Charles is asleep after he had his bath. Charles really cracks me up. Yesterday he got my headbands and put it on his head and he said; he's going to be a top wrestler in Arkansas. My husband was not here yesterday when Charles said it. For sure he will laugh out loud. Then the other day we were driving on our way to Smokin Joe's Ribhouse for our dinner and my husband cussed at traffic. Charles said the "f" word and it made me laugh when I heard it from Charles. 

I know he has no idea what the "f" word means and it just makes me laugh though worried as we do not want him to have a potty mouth.  Charles is really a good kid and he is becoming more and more funny.  Like Sunday when we drove by Andy's Frozen Custard he said the Ice Cream Cone was the biggest ice cream he had ever seen.  His observations and adjectives are really hilarious.


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