Charles had a great day


July 29, 2012

Charles has had a great day today. First of all he slept great last night and woke up happy that his Daddy was here today. Charles ate his cornflakes and immediately began playing with his NASCAR and Cars collections. He then got to watch the NASCAR race where he was very happy that one of his favorite drivers, Jimmie Johnson won. Later he was happy to get his Play-Doh set out and has been playing with it for the last two hours. I just wish it was not 100+ out.  If it was cooler we would take Charles to the Park and let him ride his bicycle around the neighborhood.

Bridesmaid Dresses

My husband’s friend Greg, and his fiance Anne, are getting married once her fiance visa is ready. I’m sure Anne, is going to search at the website, for bridesmaid dresses. I love the bridesmaid dresses that they have on the store. It has so many styles and colors to choose from and I’m sure any style they choose will surely look gorgeous on her bridesmaids.

Charles is Excited for his Birthday

In less than two months is Charles’ 4th birthday. He is so excited and he wants a lot of presents. He wants a vanilla cake with NASCAR decorations on it. Its funny though he wants to have his own store, his own house, computer, printer, television set, and plants are on his lists for the presents that he wants for his birthday. I really don’t know what to give him for his presents. Not to brag but he has tons of nice things that he got from us and from all of his aunts and uncles. And for his 4th birthday, my husband’s sisters are giving him a powered riding toy. Charles knows that he is getting the car for his birthday and I know he will like it a lot. He can drive it in our back yard and he has more space to drive around.

Charles Wants Jet Ski


July 27, 2012

Just last week we went to Beaver Lake to have a picnic. My son Charles, was so excited when he saw a couple of jet ski’s that were doing circles in the middle of the lake. Charles thinks it was awesome and he wants to have his own jet ski for his birthday. I guess we can get him a toy but not the real one yet. Buying a real jet ski is quite expensive and my husband’s salary for one year is not enough. 

While browsing on the web about jet skis I noticed you can use different types of chocks. Chocks are what you sit your boat or jet ski on when you are out of the water. They are extremely important part of the care of your water craft. You have to have good quality chocks to secure your craft and so you can do proper maintenance and up keep.

My Second Summer Olympics

I am so excited, in just a few hours I will be able to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. This will be my 2nd Summer Olympics since I moved to the United States. The Philippines though they have some Olympians is just not into the Olympics like other parts of the world. It is fun to watch all the teams walk into the stadium. The pageantry is quite beautiful. My husband, Doug pretty much hates all the synchronized pageantry and the singers that perform. We will though watch the opening plus many of the events together. I am looking forward  for the U.S. Swim Team and Men’s Basketball.

Medical Equipment


July 26, 2012

I have a sister-in-law MJ, and her cousin Linda, who are both in the medical field. MJ and Linda are both involved in procuring medical equipment and medical supplies for their hospitals. There are so many types of equipment is quite overwhelming. The cost of said equipment is also really variable. What they have done is find a trustworthy web business that has great products at a great price.

Charles Likes Football

It was football season when I arrived here in the U.S., way back in November 2007. Of course, I had no idea what football is all about and how it was being played. I tried to watch football and I felt like I can’t stand watching the game. It made me dizzy watching the players running back and forth from the field. Just a year or two later, I began to like watching the football game. In fact, my husband and I went to a college football game in Columbia, Missouri. The last one was the border showdown between the Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers at the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium. It was fun watching the game at the stadium. The crowd is very loud but I really enjoy watching football. This year watching football with my husband, Doug and Charles is going to be more enjoyable. Charles likes to play football when his dad is playing NCAA Football on his X-Box.

Days Away from the Olympic Ceremony


July 25, 2012

We are just days away from the Olympic ceremony in London, and I am so excited. How about you? What are you looking forward to see in the Olympics? Me, I am looking forward to seeing the opening ceremony with fireworks display, the U.S. Swim Team and Men’s Basketball. These athletes have great abs and I am wondering how it feels like to have such a great body. While researching some stuff online about an ab toning belt device and exercise equipment I came across the Ab Belt Report. I am amazed the products are rated from 3-5 stars rating which is good. 

Having your body look amazing is something that anyone can do if given the right equipment, training routine and if they have the desire to do so. Of course price and cost is important in today’s economy but if you look at the Ab Belt Report website you will find that the price is amazing and they even offer low shipping and coupons to help the price.

A Very Long Day

I had a very long day today so I kept myself a little busy. My husband went to Ava, Missouri to attend a family visitation. Anyway, we went to A’Chau the other day and bought some groceries for my Ginataan. I got some banana, coconut cream, tapioca (sago) and other goodies from the store. Charles had complained about the bad smell of the store so I told him to keep quiet. Today, I cooked Ginataan and it was very yummy. It has been a long time that I have never eaten Ginataan so today I enjoyed every spoonful of it. 

Charles is not a big fan of this food at least though he did not complained of the vanilla smell. Unlike when I cook dried fish Charles always says “Mommy, I don’t like that smell and he covers his nose with his shirt. Mommy open the garage hurry up, hurry up.” Yeah dried fish always have a stinky smell but it tastes really good to me.

Makes Me Feel Undecided


July 23, 2012

Its been almost five years that I have not visited the Philippines and I know how anxious every one is to see my son, Charles. Over the last few months my husband, Doug and I have been thinking of visiting the Philippines, hopefully next year. Though sometimes it makes me feel undecided whether we should go home or not and you know how much it could cost us on our budget. The plane ticket would cost us more money and my husband, Doug is the only one working in the family. I am still not sure whether Charles would enjoy long hours of flight without getting up from the airplane. Just like when we visit my husband’s sisters is about four to six hours drive and Charles gets bored inside the car. How much more with a flight of around 23 hours?  I can’t imagine Charles would be happy on this kind of trip. The positive thing for the trip for sure is Charles is not scared of the automatic toilet and hand dryer anymore. Anyway, visiting in the Philippines is just a plan and I still have a couple of months to think about whether we should take a vacation or not. I like around May or June. Just in time for my husband to be done at school for the summer. I also like December and I really missed how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines and the food as well.

Back to work this August


July 19, 2012

I was looking on the calendar today and noticed we only have a few days left in July. I can’t believed time flies really fast. My husband will be back to work this August when the school starts. Surely our son, Charles is going to miss when his dad is not around. Just the other day my husband went for the wrestling camp in the afternoon and Charles said; Why my daddy has to go? He’s gone all day. The truth is my husband was at school for around 4 hours. How much more when my husband is back to work? And wrestling season starts? He’s gone all day and sometimes he has to drive a kid back home. Charles likes having his dad around and they always have fun.

Considering an Audition Coach


July 18, 2012

If ever I would have a baby girl I will not consider myself a stage mama just like what I have seen on Toddlers & Tiaras. I am a mom of an almost 4 year old son, Charles who loves to do every thing. As a mom I will not force him to do this and do that but I would love for him to consider in auditioning a few of his talents which is singing and dancing. 

Yes my son Charles can sing and dance unlike me who doesn’t have any talent at all. He gets excited every time he watches Fresh Beat Band on Nick JR though this show is not on DirecTV anymore. Letting our kids be involve in any activities will help boost their self esteem and makes them a better person. Considering an audition coach would be a great help for my son to be successful and develop fully his talents.

We are Loving It


July 15, 2012

Followers of my blog know all about how my family, Doug, Charles and myself has just recently moved to a new home. We are loving it here though Charles still likes our old house better. Of course he spent over half his young life there so that is no surprise. We do though have lots of little things to do to finish up our home. One of which is a new address plaque. If you’re looking for the most stylish and decorative whitehall address plaques without breaking your budget, is your place to be. 

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Customer DisService


July 13, 2012

We moved into this house just a couple of days ago. Every thing had turned out really good when it came to moving our things. Thanks to some members of the wrestling team Jeremy, Caleb, Ramsey, and Zeb’s dad Sterling. Last Friday night, we had our U-verse internet connection installed by my husband. Every thing works great and has a faster video stream for about an hour on our desktop, laptop, iPhone and X-box. When Doug was about to connect the internet to our DirecTV every thing just went off. He called the customer service and stayed on the line for about an hour. A representative from U-verse sent a technician the next day to fix the problem and the internet connection got fixed. Though the cord is laying on the ground for a week now and we need somebody to bury this cord. My husband is on the phone for almost an hour now just to let U-verse on this problem. 

Doug had called DirecTV with our bill adjustment and it didn’t take so long. Why every thing has to be automated system every time you call on these big companies? So many buttons to press on your phone and it is very irritating and most of the time a customer service representative couldn’t understand what your talking about. My husband is just too nice every time he’s dealing on the phone. When it is me on the phone I will surely get mad. What do you think?

Business Insurance


July 10, 2012

As a business owner there are many things you need to worry about, sales, product, profitability, overhead, payroll and believe it or not insurance. Do not forget to get a really good insurance plan to protect your business from a wide array of lawsuits that could affect your business. Of course you need to find a good general liability insurance cost that will make sense for your business and budget.

Be a Top Wrestler


July 9, 2012

I feel like doing nothing today. My son Charles is asleep after he had his bath. Charles really cracks me up. Yesterday he got my headbands and put it on his head and he said; he's going to be a top wrestler in Arkansas. My husband was not here yesterday when Charles said it. For sure he will laugh out loud. Then the other day we were driving on our way to Smokin Joe's Ribhouse for our dinner and my husband cussed at traffic. Charles said the "f" word and it made me laugh when I heard it from Charles. 

I know he has no idea what the "f" word means and it just makes me laugh though worried as we do not want him to have a potty mouth.  Charles is really a good kid and he is becoming more and more funny.  Like Sunday when we drove by Andy's Frozen Custard he said the Ice Cream Cone was the biggest ice cream he had ever seen.  His observations and adjectives are really hilarious.

Quick Affordable Repair

Wow since Friday we have had all kinds of problem with our internet service.  We are so excited by our new home and have just this one issue left. Of course having computer or internet problems are one of the biggest headaches that I have had to deal with. What you need is to have someone like for computer repair. They are quick, affordable and very attentive to you there customer.

No Real Rain in Over a Month

It flirted with rain on Saturday here in Rogers, Arkansas. Unfortunately though the temperature went “down” to the low to mid 90’s there was no real rain.  Thank god yesterday it finally rained. We have had no real rain in over a month so we were desperate to get not just a cool down but some real precipitation as well. Other good news from Sunday was that we finally, it seems to have our internet problems solved. With our new house we moved from AT&T DSL service to U-verse for our internet. Friday they installed the internet and we had to wait until 8 PM for my husband to set up the computer. 

Well the setup was easy but for some reason the wireless quit working within an hour. We had to wait for Sunday for them to send out a tech. He came and replaced the modem and within an hour the wireless was out again. He came back a second time Sunday and we got another new modem and he messed with the phone lines.  Thank god it has worked since yesterday and is very fast. Now all we need is a new computer desks from  We threw away our old one and now are looking to buy a new one.  

Organic Mattress


July 8, 2012

While looking for new things for our house we have been looking into getting either us or Charles a new bedroom set. Charles would love a bunk bed, though I think he is too young. Doug and I am thinking of upgrading from our Queen size bed to a King size bed. Regardless of what we get we both agree we want an organic mattress los angeles, mattress. We love the idea of getting an eco friendly and cleaner mattress.

Charles is Full of Surprises

I had a very busy week. My husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda visited us for the summer and we all enjoyed their visit. Yesterday, we took them to the Walmart museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. I had no idea it was their market day so I was amazed when I saw the fresh produce from the local farmers. Then we went to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and they also loved it. For our dinner yesterday they wanted to eat Barbecue so we took them to eat at Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse. My son Charles surprised us when he said the blessing before we started eating our dinner. 

We are very happy for him knowing we never really say a prayer before we start eating in our house. We all liked our dinner and we headed back to the hotel where they stayed at. Charles had his swimming with his aunt Connie. My eyes were hurting really bad yesterday so my husband and I decided to stay inside the room and watched the NASCAR race. We’re glad though before the race was over Charles and his aunt Connie were back in the room and they watched the last 2 laps of the race.

Wildly Natural Seaweed

Seaweed Bath Co. is renowned for its wildly natural seaweed ingredients that are available on a large variety of  products such as shampoos, conditioners, body washes, powder baths and creams. I used to eat fresh seaweed when I was in the Philippines and it has lots of vitamins. No wonder my friend Ashley is asking an early Christmas presents of Argan shampoo and conditioner which makes her hair smooth and shiny

I am a little irritated


July 1, 2012

I am a little irritated that we are not going to have internet connection for the next few days. Our internet provider is going to re-install the service on July 5 even though we pay our bills early away before the due date. The thing that makes me irritated is we have never had a late payment of our internet bill but we couldn’t get the good service from them that we deserve. I read a story on Yahoo the other day about most hated companies in the United States. 

It was full of cable companies and airlines, telephone and internet providers could not have been far behind. Other then the internet though our move has been very good. Since we are moving like 5 minutes away we have been taking loads over one room at a time. The move has been good and our new house is all set up already.