We are going to have our keys tomorrow


June 28, 2012

I am so excited! We are going to have our keys tomorrow and we are going to move into our new place. My husband and I decided not to hire movers for the reason that we have plenty of time when we move. We had already changed all of our utilities for the new place and every thing has been taking care of. Though I am kinda annoyed by the timing of getting our internet service hooked up, shame on you AT&T. They are going to install it on July 5 and as a blogger you know how important internet service is: As you know moving is not fun at all and my husband and I will just take it slow especially in this kind of weather which is way too hot! 

I know I shouldn't keep on complaining how hot our weather is. We’re still lucky unlike in Colorado Springs, Colorado thousands of people has been affected by this wildfire. In Florida, thousands of people has been affected of flooding and you know how much it would cost them to get their lives back together. I felt sorry for the people who doesn’t have insurance on their home and where are they going to live next?


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