We are going to have our keys tomorrow


June 28, 2012

I am so excited! We are going to have our keys tomorrow and we are going to move into our new place. My husband and I decided not to hire movers for the reason that we have plenty of time when we move. We had already changed all of our utilities for the new place and every thing has been taking care of. Though I am kinda annoyed by the timing of getting our internet service hooked up, shame on you AT&T. They are going to install it on July 5 and as a blogger you know how important internet service is: As you know moving is not fun at all and my husband and I will just take it slow especially in this kind of weather which is way too hot! 

I know I shouldn't keep on complaining how hot our weather is. We’re still lucky unlike in Colorado Springs, Colorado thousands of people has been affected by this wildfire. In Florida, thousands of people has been affected of flooding and you know how much it would cost them to get their lives back together. I felt sorry for the people who doesn’t have insurance on their home and where are they going to live next?

Computer Repair Service


June 27, 2012

It was not intended that I got up so early this morning. I was about to check the email notification of the task that I got and it was not showing in my inbox on my iPhone. There is something wrong with my other email account on my iPhone and it is stressing me out. My other email account on my iPhone is working fine. My husband, Doug, tried to help and still would not work. We are attached to technology but we really don’t know how to fix it when something goes wrong. 

How much more when our desktop or laptops are broken? Computer Help Today is a U.S. based technical support and services for your Mac and PC. Having a good reliable Compute Repair Service and having All IT Supported will make you feel much more secure. We have learned the hard way through experience that you must have a great, trustworthy service available to you.

I am relieved


June 21, 2012

I am relieved we’ve done so much stuff yesterday. My husband got his spare tire from the shop and when they are about to put it back in the trunk it didn’t fit so they changed the tire back again. Also we got our car’s headlights all cleaned-up and it look so much better than before. Then we went to A Chau Oriental Market and I was lucky when I saw the string beans so I bought two of them. I had cooked it yesterday for my dinner together with dried fish and it tasted very delicious! Oh well, we bought some tubs and I am going to start packing some of our stuff. I am really excited to move and buy our new Side-by-Side Samsung refrigerator.

Great Weekend!


June 17, 2012

Another exciting day for this weekend. My sister in-law, Connie and her husband, Max are visiting us this weekend. Yesterday we went to the Catfish Hole in Fayetteville and are some incredible fried catfish and played with Charles. Today we went this morning to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. The place is incredible with artwork from American artist from the 17th Century until today. Many famous original paintings are there. Charles being 3 gets tired of looking at paintings, luckily they have a play area were he did his own Three Little Pigs puppet show. 

They also had a craft area were Charles was able to make magnets and a “stained glass” piece of art to hang on his wall, he had a blast.  Then we went antiquing were we found Charles an old Dale Earnhardt NASCAR and two other older cars. We then went to Max’s favorite restaurant the AQ Chicken House for a great meal. Back to their hotel were Charles swam for over an hour. We are all worn out and looking forward to a great night sleep.

Instant Life Insurance


June 14, 2012

Just recently my husband, Doug decided he needed to add to his life insurance.  Doug has life insurance through work but wanted to get additional coverage on himself for us. He was able to get quotes quite fast as there are providers who provide instant life insurance quotes and quick coverage. Do not leave your loved ones in financial woes if something bad should happen to you.

Manny Pacquiao Robbed Big Time


June 10, 2012

Wow what a day.  My husband's friend Rick got married last week in a small wedding.  Today he had a reception for all his and Becky's family.  So off we went to Springfield, MO late this morning.  It is about a 2 hour trip and we enjoyed the drive immensely.  We stopped and ate and then I went and got some dried fish at the Asian store.  Unfortunately Charles did not get to go to the NASCAR store as it was closed today.  He was devastated and almost cried as he was really looking forward to it.  Then we get home tonight and watched a very good fight with Pacman and Bradley.  Manny clearly won, overwhelmingly by the HBO guys and the crowd.  Boxing being boxing though somehow they gave the title to Bradley.  Boxing is a dirty sport and this was the worst decision I had every seen.

Are you looking for acting jobs?


June 5, 2012

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I am getting old?

My husband always calls me if I need anything at the store on his way home. Today I spoke to him while on his way to Walmart and did not realized I needed Parmesan Cheese for my Ravioli. Well things happen, we all forget things when we were at the store. Just like today he forgot the milk and my husband only remembered it when he was sitting in his chair. Sometimes I ask myself, I am getting old? My answered is yes. I used to forget things around the house like closing the cabinet doors and other stuff.

 The thing that always freak me out is what if I forgot to turn off the stove or the oven while we are gone? Having these kinds of thoughts is driving me crazy. So now before we leave the house or go to bed at night I make sure everything is turned off.

We need thumbscrews


June 4, 2012

With us moving to a new home this summer, Doug and I are both gearing up for fixing up our old place and preparing our new one to move in. We have found that having the best tools and supplies available is essential to do a good job.  You must have the best tools like hammers, wrenches as well as the best accessories like nails, screws and thumbscrews. If you try to go cheap in the long run you pay more, so get the best up front.

Looking forward to see the duplex

We had looked up on the townhouse that is very close to where we lived now. My husband and I really like it though I prefer a one story unit. I really don't like climbing up stairs plus the washer and dryer are located upstairs as well. I think it is a hassle moving the washer and dryer on the staircase. It has a big closet space, two in a half bathroom which I really like. And then tomorrow we are going to look another house but this one is a duplex which I am looking forward to. 

Well, it is very hot outside and my husband heard when I said it. He always brought up how could I lived in the tropics when it was hot? I said we don't go out as much when it is hot besides we use umbrella or stay in the shade.