Mommy Strap Me


May 7, 2012

Last night we're on our way to McDonald's and I heard Charles saying, "Mommy strap me" and my husband was already driving the car. Oh my god! It was the second time that I forgot Charles to put his strap on and I was really scared. I totally forgot it even though I had his shoes on while we are in the car waiting for my husband. Well, Mother's Day is just few days away. Charles already said, "Happy Mother's Day Mom" when he saw the Shari's Berry commercial on Sprout the other day. It makes me feel old when he calls me, mom. I'd prefer when he calls me mommy and I think it is cute to hear from my baby. Anyway, in just two weeks school year is over and I am looking forward for the summer. My husband's sisters are coming to visit us and we are all looking forward to that. 
Also we are planning to move out on this place and we found a house close to us that my husband and I really like. Thinking about moving is very stressful and I want to start packing when we have boxes to put our stuff. My husband has a lot of stuff that he never use and he does not want to throw them away. I know it is hard to throw stuff away and why keep when you don't need them anymore?


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