Mommy it is a beautiful day


May 11, 2012

I don't feel like getting up this morning but my son Charles wants me to get up in bed. Stayed late in bed for about 15 minutes and Charles came to the bedroom and pulled my arms saying, "mommy it is a beautiful day". He had a water gun and he wants to go outside so he woke me up in bed. When I looked on the window it is not sunny at all so I said to him, Charles it is not a beautiful day today. Still it is a beautiful day but I just don't want to go outside without taking our bath. I am kidding to my son every time he wants something that I don't feel like doing. I know this is wrong and my husband always tells me that I need to enjoy every moment with him. 

But sometimes I easily get mad when he does something wrong for me and I know I shouldn't have to. Mother's Day is just three days away but my son keep telling me Happy Mother's Day me specially when he heard it on Television. One time he saw the commercial of Shari's Berries on Sprout and he was excited. He wants strawberries and he want to give it to me which I think very sweet of him.


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