Busy Night


May 28, 2012

I am going to have a busy night. Currently I am watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians until 9 o'clock. After that I have another show to watch, Extreme Couponing. My husband said that he can watch Extreme Couponing but not Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all the Real Housewives on Bravo Network. Anyway, I mentioned in my other blog that I am planning to cook mussels with white wine. Well this morning I cooked the mussels with white wine and it tasted pretty good! I would definitely add white white again the next time I cook mussels and chicken. I have lots of recipes that I want to try to cook in the future.

Though my son is not a big eater especially Asian foods and I really want him to eat and like the foods that I eat as well. As for my husband he only eats caldereta, pancit, chicken and pork adobo. And for my son Charles he likes to eat pancit but he preferred the (big ones) yellow noodles as does my husband.

Affordable Father's Day Gifts


May 25, 2012

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and I know you are looking for a gift for this very special occasion. As a mom blogger I know where to find the best deals for an unusual fathers day gifts for my husband, without breaking my budget. Red Envelope has the widest selections of gifts for Father’s Day and any other occasion all for a very affordable price.

Lazy Sunday


May 20, 2012

It has been a couple of months now that I don’t get any tasks from other blog advertising sites. At least though when I get lucky I can have one or two tasks to do in a week when it is not taken by another blogger before I grab it. I know I should be driven to update more often to all of my three sites so I can increase my page rank but every time my page rank dropped it makes me feel lazy. With our planned move though I have to get off my butt though and hit my blogs strong. Anyway the lawn care guy is here to mow our yard and it looks like it might rain soon. I guess today will just be a lazy day after all.

Invest Your Family's Future


May 15, 2012

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Term life insurance is a great investment as if, hopefully you do not pass away then you can get a lump sum payment of your premiums back at the end of the policy term. Life insurance is also necessary if God forbid something happens to you. Funeral expenses are extremely expensive. Coffins run into the thousands as do headstones and plots. For more information about insurance coverage and policies you can visit their website to get a free quote.

Looking for Lighting Fixtures?


May 11, 2012

My husband Doug and I are planning to move out this summer. Yesterday we looked at the house that we’re planning to move to. We both really like it. It has bigger bedrooms, lots of storage space, a big backyard and two car garage. The only thing that I don’t like about the house is the outdated kitchen but my husband likes it a lot. Knowing he doesn’t do the cooking, I guess! I want an open floor plan from the living room to the kitchen plus nicer appliances is a bonus. Though I noticed it has modern bathroom lighting in all the bathrooms in the house. 

I loved the vanity lights on the master bedroom. It looked chic and stylish though I have to share it with my husband. The other bathrooms are upstairs which I am not really a big fan of going up and down the staircase. Well if you’re planning to redecorate your house this summer lighting fixtures adds beauty and worth to your home. Bathroom Lighting Outlet has the widest selections of any light fixtures that you could ever find in one spot. With several designs and styles to choose from it is hard to decide which one to get for your home and bathroom

Mommy it is a beautiful day

I don't feel like getting up this morning but my son Charles wants me to get up in bed. Stayed late in bed for about 15 minutes and Charles came to the bedroom and pulled my arms saying, "mommy it is a beautiful day". He had a water gun and he wants to go outside so he woke me up in bed. When I looked on the window it is not sunny at all so I said to him, Charles it is not a beautiful day today. Still it is a beautiful day but I just don't want to go outside without taking our bath. I am kidding to my son every time he wants something that I don't feel like doing. I know this is wrong and my husband always tells me that I need to enjoy every moment with him. 

But sometimes I easily get mad when he does something wrong for me and I know I shouldn't have to. Mother's Day is just three days away but my son keep telling me Happy Mother's Day me specially when he heard it on Television. One time he saw the commercial of Shari's Berries on Sprout and he was excited. He wants strawberries and he want to give it to me which I think very sweet of him.

Mommy Strap Me


May 7, 2012

Last night we're on our way to McDonald's and I heard Charles saying, "Mommy strap me" and my husband was already driving the car. Oh my god! It was the second time that I forgot Charles to put his strap on and I was really scared. I totally forgot it even though I had his shoes on while we are in the car waiting for my husband. Well, Mother's Day is just few days away. Charles already said, "Happy Mother's Day Mom" when he saw the Shari's Berry commercial on Sprout the other day. It makes me feel old when he calls me, mom. I'd prefer when he calls me mommy and I think it is cute to hear from my baby. Anyway, in just two weeks school year is over and I am looking forward for the summer. My husband's sisters are coming to visit us and we are all looking forward to that. 
Also we are planning to move out on this place and we found a house close to us that my husband and I really like. Thinking about moving is very stressful and I want to start packing when we have boxes to put our stuff. My husband has a lot of stuff that he never use and he does not want to throw them away. I know it is hard to throw stuff away and why keep when you don't need them anymore?

Love the shoes!


May 2, 2012

I like JUSTFAB shoes and styles so I signed up on their website. When I was about to order my pumps the smallest size they have is 5 1/2 and it is way too big for me. I am only size 5 and I am so disappointed. It was not the first time that I really want something for myself and I couldn't get it. I really love the pumps and I have 20% off of my first order plus free shipping which is a great deal. Also there is a bag that I really like on guess website. 

Unfortunately they don't have black color and when I checked it again this morning the bag is not on the website anymore. Hopefully it will be back in the next couple days. Those are the things that I really want to have for Mother's Day and eat on my favorite restaurant.

Ventless Fireplace


May 1, 2012

With the weather getting warmer now is the best time to purchase a fireplace insert at Ventless Fireplace. Any types of fireplaces makes a great attraction and cozy warm feeling in your home. Ventless Fireplace has the widest selections of types of fireplaces that you could hope to find on the web. They are very stylish and most of all have a very affordable price. They also offer free shipping on orders.

Do you feel old at 32?

I am only 32 and I keep forgetting stuff now. Earlier I type a blog post on my other blog and realized the blog post should be type for this blog. Just found it out when I was about to submit the blog post and boy I typed it on the wrong blog. That happened so many times so I have to question myself, I am really this old? How much more when I turned 40 or 50? I don't think Alzheimer's disease runs in the family and it is a little bet nerve racking to me. I want to be there for my son till he gets older and have his family. Well, it is already one o'clock in here and I need to prepare lunch for Charles. 

Lately he likes to eat sweets and it is the type of food that I really don't want him to keep on eating while growing up. My husband is a type 2 diabetic and kids nowadays can have diabetes at a very young age.