On Blogger's New Look


April 26, 2012

I still couldn't figured out this Blogger's new look. A lot of stuff going on and I am having a hard time in finding the stuff that I really need to post my blog. I had just submitted a blog post of my other blog and it took me 10-15 minutes on how to get the text justified. I guess I need to spend more time of this Blogger's new look so it would be easy for me when I needed to make some changes of my posts and other stuff. Oh well, I am glad my son is feeling so much better today. Yesterday he had a fever and it is hard for me to see my son when he is sick. He doesn't want to eat anything no matter how I bribe Hershey's Chocolates for him. 

At least though he has been playing his Innotab and never heard him crying when he couldn't make it on the game. Anyway, I'd better get off in here now my eyes are hurting and the color of the computer screen bugs me so much.