My Rice Noodles


April 3, 2012

I had a busy day in the kitchen this afternoon. I cooked Rice Noodles (Pancit) which is one of my favorite food to eat. Though my husband can't eat Rice Noodles just like he used to be. Rice Noodles has more carbohydrates which is not good for his health. And for Charles he doesn't like this type of noodles. He prefer the thick noodles (Yellow).  And he eat that type of noodles pretty good. That is why he likes eating at the Chinese restaurant.  I also made my mango float and will post the picture on my other blog. Rice Noodles is easy to cook and it taste so delicious!

Well, while I'm typing this post my adorable son just woke up from his nap and he wants to be held. Hopefully he won't be up all night. It is hard to type using my one hand and holding my baby with my other hand. Its okay though. I love having my son beside me that is why he still sleep in our bed.


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