I am going to make a scrapbook


April 1, 2012

I was laying down in the couch and realized it is already April. Well, Christmas is only 9 months away and I am thinking ahead of what to give to all of my sister-in-law. I am planning to make a scrapbook of Charles pictures and I know they would love it. My husband's sisters are all very nice to me so I am thinking scrapbook would be the best gift for them. Anyway, its already 10 o'clock in here and I forgot to cut out my coupons. Couponing helps me saved some bucks. Just in time because I am planning to send a package for my family back in the Philippines. I use coupons for beauty products and other groceries and I know my family back in the Philippines would be delighted of what's inside the box. This would be my first time to send a big box to the Philippines and to be honest I am a little nervous.


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