I want to buy another bag


March 3, 2012

I love my new Entangled Medium Box Satchel and I want to buy the other two colors available at Dillard's. Its only $69 dollars compared on the guess website which is $125 plus shipping. And then I also looked up the Hello Kitty bathroom accessories at Walmart last night but they don't have any. I found Hello Kitty bathroom accessories at Target and it is available at the store closer to us. I want to redecorate my bathroom to Hello Kitty and my husband thinks I'm crazy. I like my bathroom decor and accessories now but I want Hello Kitty really bad. It's pink and I love it! Oh well, we're waiting for my husband to get back home. They have an open tournament today in Russellville. Tomorrow I'm going to drive our car and we will look up on houses. We're planning to move out this place in June. This neighborhood is very crowded and I really don't like our neighbor on the next house. Their trash is on our yard and I don't like picking other people's trash specially our neighbor. I guess its hard to keep up when he has seven kids to take care of.


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