Blessed Wednesday


March 28, 2012

I just want to say thank you very much to all of my blog advertising sites for supporting my blogs. You guys are very consistent in giving assignments and tasks for my blogs. Well, today is Wednesday and we are all looking forward for Easter. Charles is so excited! We are going to take him to church where there is an Easter egg hunt. Before that, we are going to have our own Easter egg hunt inside the house. Just like what we did last year. Anyway, it is only spring but the temperature outside is getting hotter. How much more during summer?

My husband knows that I don't like to go outside when its hot and he just make fun of me. Growing up in the tropic doesn't mean I am used to very hot weather. We use umbrella in the Philippines and stay on the shade when its hot. Hot weather here in the U.S. makes my skin so dry and itchy.


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