Not a bad night after all


February 23, 2012

Today is my husband's birthday. We had our dinner at Famous Dave's and the food does not taste very good and we had a bad service of the waiter. My husband usually give 17% on tip but tonight he only gave 15%. As for me, I'd rather not give anything to her. On the brighter side, I told my husband to stopped by at Dillard's because I want to checked Guess Satchel Bag before buying online. The bag was on the very top of the shelf. I am not tall enough to get the bag so I asked someone who worked at Dillard's. The first guy couldn't helped me because he doesn't work on that area where the bag was displayed. The second lady worked on the sunglasses section and there were customers. She told me to wait while she handled 3 customers in line. I kept on waiting but she never came back when she took the shoe boxes to the other counter. The third guy that I had asked couldn't helped because he is not assigned on the bag's area. I was really pissed off. 

Luckily, there was someone on the counter and she helped me get the bag. And the most exciting part was, the bag was on sale for $69 and on the Guess website it is $125 plus shipping. It was the reason why I kept checking their website. I am looking for the pink one and now I have it!


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