Did Someone Access my Account?


February 29, 2012

It is freaking me out. I can't open my messenger id. I tried to login for so many times now and it is not working. My biggest fear that someone have already accessed my account already happened. I just used the email address last night when I had submitted my blogs and now it's not working. I need to access my account to so I can check my emails. Around 10 this morning, I signed in my email account and it's working just fine. I updated my email account just in case someone is trying to change my password they will send me a notice. Anyway, it is very nice outside today. Thanks god! we did not get any storm from last night. I saw on the local news that Branson, Missouri was hit by a twister and 13 people were killed overnight.

Not a bad night after all


February 23, 2012

Today is my husband's birthday. We had our dinner at Famous Dave's and the food does not taste very good and we had a bad service of the waiter. My husband usually give 17% on tip but tonight he only gave 15%. As for me, I'd rather not give anything to her. On the brighter side, I told my husband to stopped by at Dillard's because I want to checked Guess Satchel Bag before buying online. The bag was on the very top of the shelf. I am not tall enough to get the bag so I asked someone who worked at Dillard's. The first guy couldn't helped me because he doesn't work on that area where the bag was displayed. The second lady worked on the sunglasses section and there were customers. She told me to wait while she handled 3 customers in line. I kept on waiting but she never came back when she took the shoe boxes to the other counter. The third guy that I had asked couldn't helped because he is not assigned on the bag's area. I was really pissed off. 

Luckily, there was someone on the counter and she helped me get the bag. And the most exciting part was, the bag was on sale for $69 and on the Guess website it is $125 plus shipping. It was the reason why I kept checking their website. I am looking for the pink one and now I have it!

Luminox Watches


February 22, 2012

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and I was wondering what to get for him.  While searching the internet I came across the perfect gift for Doug, a watch. I love the huge assortment of Luminox watches I have seen. They come in many great styles of faces, bands, colors and case materials. They also come in very affordable price ranges up to luxury models worth thousands of dollars. Make sure to check them out.

At Panda tonight

We had our dinner tonight at Panda restaurant. Charles likes their big noodles and the pond. Then we had to stopped by at Walmart and got my husband's medicine and sent money in the Philippines. It was not a big amount of money at least it can help though on their daily expenses. And my sister is just waiting for her 2 years contract from her employers in Hong Kong. We are all praying that her employers and the kids will treat her well. This is the second time that she'll be gone for so long so hopefully my mother won't be very sad when she left this March.

Gas Prices Soaring High


February 20, 2012

With the gas prices soaring up higher, almost $3.50 per gallon I don't think it is best to drive down to Chicago to renew my Passport. Just checked Southwest airlines and it's only $230 for round trip tickets which is not a bad thing rather than driving all the way to Chicago. Though we have to rent a rental car as well. Also we have other papers to submit to the Philippine Consulate that we keep forgetting about. Oh well, I drove our car yesterday and Charles does not want to me to drive the car. He was screaming, "Mommy get back in your seat, don't drive". Then we went shopping and I found good deals at Wet Seal, Rue21 and JCPenny.

On Spinal Laser Surgery


February 17, 2012

For me, undergoing surgery to alleviate pain in my back just keeps becoming a better and better option. With the use of latest technology, surgeries are less painful than ever and with a quicker recovery. If you feel any pain on your back you might want to have a spinal laser surgery. North American Spine, has doctors specializing in back pain relief using laser surgery treatments. It’s also accredited by Better Business Bureau.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just few weeks away and it's time to clean up Charles room and closet. He has tons of clothes and toys that he never use anymore. For me, it is sad keeping his stuff and put them on the garage. I have this idea, I am going to take some pictures so we can still see them on the computer. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to practice to drive our car then we will go to the Asian store in Springdale.

Title Loans in Massachusetts


February 13, 2012

Everyone from time to time will need a short term bump in their cash flow.  Rather you have a car repair bill, medical issue or need to travel you may need some quick cash. One way of getting that cash is through a secured short term loan. One type of short term secured loan is a car title loan. If you live in the Northeast you have an option available through title loans Massachusetts.  These short term loans are easy to apply for and because they are secured almost anyone can get them. Check it out today. 

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards


February 12, 2012

Just done watching "The 54th Annual Grammy Awards" on CBS hosted by LL Cool J. I think he did a pretty good job of hosting the Grammy. Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job of singing Whitney Houston's tribute. Wow, Adele! It was my first time to see her sing on Television and I was amazed of her music. She's a great talent and  I really love her song, Rolling in the Deep which is Record of the Year and Adele 21, Album of the Year. She sweep her 6 Grammy nomination. What a great singer, Adele! Though I forgot to watch her on 60 Minutes tonight with Anderson Cooper. I'm sure I can watch the rerun on CNBC.

Small Business Loans

I’ve always wanted to have my own business to help provide additional income for my family. Problem is I don’t have the capital to start a small business. I have though  heard about small business loans that can help individuals start up their own business. The loan process is not that hard as long as you have your ducks in a row. Make a well planned and thought out business plan first. Then submit your plan and make the loan request.

Happy Friday


February 10, 2012

Tomorrow is the last day of the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm am glad though the season is over. My husband can finally go home early after school. Oh well, today is Friday and Valentine's Day is just four days away. Last night, Charles and I made a Valentine's Card for my husband. When I spoke to my hubby last night, Charles said on the phone; "we make a card for you in the living room". Suppose to be it is a surprise but Charles couldn't keep a secret... lol!

I Missed it Again


February 6, 2012

I checked my iPhone after Charles bath and noticed there was a grab bag. When I opened it, it was already taken by another blogger. I am a little disappointed at first but it's okay. Speaking of Blog Advertising, I submitted my blogs to another Blog Advertising but never heard anything back from them. Anyway, did you watch the Super Bowl last night? What do you think about Madonna's performance during halftime show? How about the Super Bowl commercials? I missed most of the game because we went to Walmart. Though we watched the 4th quarter and the post game show.

Baby First on DirecTV


February 4, 2012

My son Charles is three years old and he likes the new Baby First Channel on DirecTV. I asked Charles why he likes this channel and he said, I'm a baby. It makes us laughed every time Charles said that he's a baby. We like to call him now a big boy. Oh well, I'm glad that I don't have my runny nose now. Yesterday I was miserable with my colds and my eyes was burning. I picked Charles toys on the living room and vacuum the floor as well. Anyway, tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Will you be watching? I will be watching because I like the New York Giants, I like Eli Manning. My husband though is not fan of these team. He likes the Oakland Raiders but they lost on division playoffs.

Missed Grab Bag


February 1, 2012

Yesterday, I missed two grab bags and I was a little disappointed. Anyway, it's February and it's the shortest month of the year. For the spring break, I plan to practice driving our car so I can have my own car and driver's license. My son Charles is getting bigger, last thing I know he will be in pre school and I don't want to be stack here in the house doing nothing. I have lots of plans like going back to school or just look for a job. I know there are great opportunities when it comes to finding job but I need to apply that makes me happy in the long run. Oh well, I heard noises from the kitchen and I'm sure Charles is messing up our cabinets.