December 17, 2011

It's lovely outside today. The sun is shining so bright! Well guys, I got a new domain for this blog Journey and changed the title as well to OK2BU. This blog is still in transition and I think it will be available tomorrow or the next day. Also, I'm planning to remove my Bidvertiser ads for that site. I don't like the pop up window and to me it's irritating. Even on the other blogs I don't like pop up window's as well. Oh well, its 9 days left before Christmas. Are you done shopping for Christmas presents for your loved ones? Me, I bought some Christmas presents online. Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas so I can wrap the presents before we travel for the holiday. Tomorrow will go shopping at Toys R US, for Charles Christmas presents. I like to get him a new drum set but my husband is thinking of buying a Jeep.


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