Cool Fountain


December 20, 2011

We just got back home from Pinnacle Hills Promenade. We bought a gift card for my sister-in-law MJ. Charles did a pretty good job of shopping around with us. He was so excited when he saw the fountain that changed its colors. Then we had to stopped by at Pet Smart and bought a weekend feeder our goldfish and bought another goldfish as well. I was amazed when Charles said Pet Smart. My husband and I never mention the store but Charles did. 

Oh well, just five days left and its Christmas. I already wrapped Charles presents and he was so excited when he saw his gifts this morning. I told him, Santa came here last night and gave you lots of presents. Charles think it was "cool". I am so excited to see my husbands sisters. Hopefully that weather isn't that bad. I like to have White Christmas but not that heavy snow. We need to get back home after Christmas.


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