Fun Time in KC


November 28, 2011

We just got back home yesterday from Kansas City. Charles enjoyed visiting his aunt Connie and uncle Max. Even though Charles was having fun he still wants to go home in here because he missed all of his toys. We went shopping and looked at the Christmas lights. Charles was so excited when he saw the giant Christmas Tree in Sona Roza. Before we went to the game we stopped by at Argosy Casino and we had our brunch at Terrace Buffet. I did not ate too much food because I just had my breakfast though I had Custard Cake (Leche Flan) its the reason why I keep going back at Terrace Buffet.

I loved going to Argosy its one of my favorite place every time we visit in Kansas City. We almost missed the kicked off because we're stacked on the traffic waiting to pay for our parking spot. Oh boy! it was windy during the game and my eyes was sore.


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