Charles Advent Calendar


November 30, 2011

Charles got some early presents from his aunt Cheryl, Con and uncle Max. He got this house where he can open the windows every day. It plays music and the sleigh on the chimney rotates when its on. He is so excited to open it but I told him to wait till tomorrow. 

Well, better get off in here for now. I need to clean up and pick some of Charles toys on the living room. Having a toddler seems like were always having a yard sale and it bothers me so much. I like to keep things clean and organized.

Foul Mouth Shirts


November 29, 2011

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Fun Time in KC


November 28, 2011

We just got back home yesterday from Kansas City. Charles enjoyed visiting his aunt Connie and uncle Max. Even though Charles was having fun he still wants to go home in here because he missed all of his toys. We went shopping and looked at the Christmas lights. Charles was so excited when he saw the giant Christmas Tree in Sona Roza. Before we went to the game we stopped by at Argosy Casino and we had our brunch at Terrace Buffet. I did not ate too much food because I just had my breakfast though I had Custard Cake (Leche Flan) its the reason why I keep going back at Terrace Buffet.

I loved going to Argosy its one of my favorite place every time we visit in Kansas City. We almost missed the kicked off because we're stacked on the traffic waiting to pay for our parking spot. Oh boy! it was windy during the game and my eyes was sore.

Heading out to the Game


November 26, 2011

Its been few day that I didn't type my post. We are still here in Kansas City and later we are heading out to Arrowhead Stadium to watch college football. I am not too excited for this game because it is cold out and very windy. My sister-in-law Con and Max will take Charles to some places later in the afternoon. Oh well, I really had a great time spending our Thanksgiving with my husbands family. Last night, we drove around the city and looked at the Christmas lights. I took some pictures but I need to upload it when we get back home on Sunday.

Charles Tea Set


November 21, 2011

I had a great weekend with my family. I drove the car yesterday and I guess I'm doing pretty good so far. Then we went to Ashley Furniture. We found a bed frame that my husband and I both like for Charles. But my husband said, we don't need it right now because Charles still sleep with us. Then we went to Walmart and bought a bigger pot for my lemon grass. We also bought a tea set for Charles which he really like. We played tea party last night. I know it's a girls stuff but its okey Charles is happy. I don't want my son to be a gay... hahaha. Anyway, I started to packed our clothes last night and we are ready to go.

PR Dropped


November 16, 2011

I'm wondering why my PR dropped for this site. I have more page views compared to my other site which now has PR 2. Anyway, we just got back home from Napoli's Restaurant. Its an Italian restaurant which my husband and I really like though Charles was a little bit naughty. He did not eat his spaghetti meatballs which my husband ordered for Charles. I didn't get a chance to finish my food because we had to leave too soon. Suppose to be we will look around at Hobby Lobby to see what they got for Christmas decorations. Having a toddler is very difficult specially when Charles does not want to eat any kind of foods but as my husband always say, "you have a 3 year old."

Motor Home Repair

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Mommy You have to be Quiet


November 14, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I drove the car around the schools parking lot. Charles was complaining, "this is taking so long." And today, while I was laying down on the couch. I kept on talking and Charles said to me, "sssshhh Mommy you have to be quiet I'm trying to read." I was laughing out loud. My son makes me laugh all the time now. He is very funny and smart kid. What can I say, he's my baby. Oh well, I'm trying to type my blog post but there's a problem on my favorite blog advertising's site. It showed 500 Internal Server Error which never happened before.

Charles is Creative


November 9, 2011

My son Charles is very creative. He made a heart shape out of his belt and he gave it to me and said my heart feels super happy. 

Charles is a wonderful kid. At his age of three he's exploring his imagination that are out of this world. Today he climbed up on my husbands dresser and he said it's the elevator. The other day he got my whisk and he said he's mixing. He knew the things in the house and how it works.

Claddagh Rings


November 8, 2011

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Football Tickets


November 7, 2011

In just two weeks away my husband will be done at school. Will be in Kansas City to spend our Thanksgiving. My husbands other sisters are also coming and hopefully we can go shopping on Black Friday. I know the mall is crowded but you can get great deals of every item that you want to buy. Then we are going to watch college football between the Missouri Tigers and Kansas. The game will be in Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play. We already bought our tickets online. Another reason why I am so excited of going to Kansas City is that there's a fireworks display before lighting The Plaza. Hopefully it's not very cold so we can take Charles.

Charles Halloween Costume


November 1, 2011

We went trick or treating last night. Charles basket was full of candies. I will not let Charles eat more of his candies because I am so worried for my son. My husband is type two diabetic that's the reason why I'm over protective when it comes to eating sweet stuff. He wore Missouri Football jersey. At first he doesn't like wearing his helmet but in the end he likes it a lot. He did a pretty good job of knocking the doors and saying trick or treat and thank you. After trick or treating, I hand out candies who stopped by at house. It was not a long walk last night but my legs are achy. 

I guess it happens most of the time when you're getting old...haha. I got up early today checking out my blogs. I am so happy that I'm getting tasks from my favorite paying site for blogs.