Online Resume Builder


October 31, 2011

Before jumping into the job search, it is important to consider the type of information that is appropriate to include in your resume. Resume Builder is an online tool that helps you create resumes in minutes. How to Write a Resume is very easy when you have this tool at your disposal.



October 30, 2011

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A little nip and tuck and those love handles will be things of the past.  Bikini's here we come a total new body can be yours. Having cosmetic surgery procedures are the band wagon these days. Men and women are considering cosmetic surgery more and more in our society. Whether you need to get rid of wrinkles or get a facelift or nose fixed cosmetic surgery is readily available and very affordable. Be sure to check out the MySurgeryMD and start your new look.

Pretty Good Day

 Yesterday, we drove around town to see colorful trees.Some of the leaves already changed its colors but it still looked pretty. And today, I drove our car and went to three different Asian Stores. Charles doesn't want me to drive our car. He said, only daddy. Oh well, tomorrow is Halloween. We will go for trick or treating. Hopefully Charles can get some good candies. After trick or treating, we are going to give candies for the kids that will stop by in the house. I'm looking for next month.

We will visit my husbands sisters for Thanksgiving and we are going to watch football game between Missouri Tigers and Kansas. The game will be at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play football. We already bought the ticket online and my husband bought a new sweatshirt for me that I'm going to wear during the game. And for December, we are going to visit my husbands older sisters for Christmas. 

Holiday Cards


October 29, 2011

I like to send holiday cards to my family and friends before Christmas. has the widest selections of Holiday Invitations, Holiday Photo Cards, Christmas and Holiday Cards, Holiday Accessories and Gifts. They also have Birthday, Wedding, Party, Graduation, Baby, Religious, Moving and Stationery. I will definitely bookmark this site. I can shop any card all in one site. If you are looking for holiday cards make sure to check out You’ll be amazed on the cards selections that they have. Avail of 15% off on any orders.

PDF Page Counter

I knew about page counters but not about a  pdf page counter for your files. PDF page counter is an ideal product for scanning and imaging for service bureaus. If you want to keep your business more productive and proficient make sure to check out The site is easy to use interface for faster web browsing. Avail of their free trial to see how it works for you and your business.

Fabulous, Fantastic & Stylish


October 27, 2011

I put my lipstick yesterday and Charles put Chapstick on his lips. When we both looked on the mirror, Charles said to himself I looked fabulous. Then I asked Charles. How about me? Charles said you looked fantastic. I was laughing out loud. And while we laid on the couch I asked him again. How do I looked? Charles said you looked stylish. I was amazed when I heard those words from my 3 year old toddler. Oh well, Charles is fun to be with and makes us laugh most of the time specially when he just keep on talking all the time.



October 24, 2011

It was very nice outside today. Charles played soccer but he scared me to death. He ran into the street. Luckily there was no car coming. I was really scared. Also when we checked the mail he does not want me to hold his hand while were walking on the sidewalk. He kept on picking rocks and put them on his pocket. Oh well, I really don't have exciting news to tell aside from the new Television show that I'm interested with. It's Anderson, hosted by Anderson Cooper. I really like him a lot. I also watch his show on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360.

Bundle Up Babe


October 20, 2011

I'm not feeling very well for the last few days now. I'm suffering from migraine and it's getting worse every day. Last night, I was throwing up and my husband told me to stop using the computer for awhile. I don't spend much time on the computer though when I checked my blogs. Oh well, the weather in here changed so quickly. Yesterday it was breezy and cold so I had to bundle up Charles before we went to Copelands Restaurant. Anyway, just checking my blogs while Charles and his dad are asleep in the bedroom. Later, we will go to Walmart to buy some groceries and I am a little excited. I'm going to use my coupons and lets see how it works whether I can save some money.

On Blog Advertising


October 17, 2011

I was reading on the blog forum last night and noticed another blog advertising where I can submit my blogs. Being in the blogosphere is a competition. You must have a good quality blogs for you to get noticed from the advertisers. I admit creating a 200 words is a challenge hahaha. Anyway, I was browsing themes for my other blog but I don't know how to use Wordpress unlike Blogger. Also I'm planning to get my own domain for that blog.

Shar's Berries Promo Codes Online


October 14, 2011

I just had a birthday party for my son, Charles. We had all the normal things like cake and ice cream. It was a good party but I would have loved to spruce it up a little bit. Good thing I have found the perfect thing for next years party, at Shari's Berries has berries and fruits for all occasions. They come fresh or even chocolate dipped. Give the website a look and see all the great fruits available. Also make sure and look for Shar's Berries promo codes online.

Truck's Satellite Radio

My husbands dad, Maynard was a truck driver his whole life. He quit driving in 2005 and how he would loved to have had a satellite radio. Question he would have had is, where do I buy a satellite radio for my truck? The answer is The Source is loaded with every type of tools, accessories and gadgets you could ever want for your semi. Give them a look and find out.

Disappointed with Firefox


October 13, 2011

I am so disappointed with our web browser which is Firefox. Every time I will open another tab it says not responding. I have other tasks to do but I guess I will have to finish it tomorrow. My eyes are sore and I kept throwing up lately. Every day is just a long day when you are not feeling very well. Though tomorrow is Friday at least my husband will be here for the last few days before he goes back to work again.

Step Stool Supply

How many times have you needed to change a light bulb or get something off the top shelf and you are short like me, 4'11". When my husband is around it is easy I just ask him for help. Other times I need a step stool. I recently came across a cool online store dedicated exclusively to step stools. Check out all the cool step stools they have available including, library style, storage step stools or even nursing stools.

What's Up with Firefox?


October 9, 2011

I am so irritated with Firefox for the last few months now. It's not responding every time I will open another pages. Of course I will have to wait or restart the computer which is very frustrating. My husband asked the kids at school if they have problems with Firefox. They have the same problems just like other users does. One thing that's irritating is: there's always updates with Firefox knowing it's still a problem. Oh well, how's your weekend? I have the best weekend so far aside from Charles pulling my hair.. I thought it's a girl thing to pull someone's hair but Charles looks like he'e enjoying it every time he pulls my hair.

California Overtime


October 8, 2011

Business in today’s climate is many times cut throat in completion and unfortunately in it’s treatment of workers. California Overtime is a great tool to protect yourself and your family from working for one of these unfair labor businesses. I have seen many shows on TV explaining how some employers will have workers work overtime without the correct pay or withhold taxes but not pay the fees to the government. It is a nasty shock when you file your return in the new year to find out your employer has been taking your taxes but not paying in like they are required. When a business is taking advantage of you it may seem that you are powerless to face the big company or tyrannical boss.

That is when you need a partner to level the field that partner is found in California Overtime. Check out their website, and you will see a well laid out and simple to navigate website. You can see for yourself the great services provided and how California Overtime can help protect you. Enjoy your work without the worries of getting ripped off from now on.

Thanks to our friends at for supporting my blog.

Halloween Mask


October 6, 2011

Think beyond pumpkin pie with those jack-o'-lantern leftovers: The good-for-you gourd is full of expoliating enzymes that brighten skin. Try this DIY facial, courtesy of beauty expert Erika Katz: Mix 2 teaspoons pureed pumpkin, 1/2 teaspoon honey, and 1/4 teaspoon heavy cream. Apply for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water to reveal smoother, more glowing skin.

American Stimulus Funding Corporation


October 3, 2011

In today’s tough economic crisis, keeping your business viable in the market is a very hard job. If you don’t have cash at the moment, American Stimulus Funding Corporation provides restaurant loans when you want to expand your business. They’ve been helping small business like Restaurants, Retail, Franchises, Physicians and Dentists and many more types of businesses. To learn more about American Stimulus Funding Corporation, you can visit the website on how they can help you.

Charles Tea Party

Charles starts to watch the Television at 10 o'clock in the morning till 3:30 in the afternoon. Yesterday while he was watching Peppa Pig, he invited me for his Tea Party. I laughed because Tea Party is only for girls and I wasn't expecting Charles will have his own Tea Party. Charles doesn't have Tea Cups, so I promised I will buy when we go to the store. When my husband was laughing at me because Charles doesn't need a Tea Cups, it's a girls thing..hahaha

Youth Juice


October 1, 2011

Being in the blogosphere is  a competition. You must have a great layout so advertisers will be interested to advertise their products, services and companies on your blog. Finding the perfect theme for your blog is very time consuming. Youth Juice is a WordPress site that you can use to help your blog be more successful. Youth Juice has unique themes that you haven’t seen on other blogs. Even myself is interested and intrigued by the WordPress themes for my blog. If you are looking for new WordPress themes for your blog, Youth Juice has the perfect themes that you can use to make your blog a huge success.