That's my Boy!


September 10, 2011

I had a pretty good day today. We ate at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant. I was glad because Charles likes to ate corn chips and cheese dip. Then we stopped by at Manna Oriental Market. I got some Pretzels Chocolate Sticks for Charles. I also got a package of Calamansi Juice. Then we went to Walmart. The place was very busy but they only have few opened checkouts. I was so irritated because the woman in-front of us was busy talking on her cellphone and not watching on her groceries. She hardly even got all her groceries out from the cart.

Even to swiped her card was talking so long. To me, when other customers are waiting in line, pay attention of your stuff or just call the person back when you are done. Oh well, I am looking forward for Charles birthday and my husbands sisters and their cousin Linda to be here. Everybody are all excited for his birthday.


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