My Precious Little One


September 8, 2011

I am tired of being sick for the last couple days now. I have lots of stuff that needs to be done in the house liking cleaning, laundry and dusting the windows. Charles can't play outside because I can't be with him and I don't want to let Charles outside by himself. Though I have lots of things to look forward for this month. Charles birthday is just few weeks away and I need to start wrapping some of his presents. My husbands sisters and their cousin Linda are coming for Charles birthday. I know it will gonna be fun. Doug and me will decorate on his birthday while his sisters are taking Charles to the park so we can surprise my birthday boy. Wow! I can't believe that Charles is three years old already. I still remember the time I got pregnant, my baby shower. The time Doug and me attended the Lamaze Class for first time parents. We both loved it. During my labor and delivery with my precious little one. I just love to be a mom.


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