Extreme Couponing is Back!


September 29, 2011

Extreme Couponing is back on TLC. I watched the show last night. It's amazing how couponing can save you up to 95 percent on groceries. I have no idea that bar codes has meaning when it comes to coupons. Just found out when a bar code starts with 5 meaning coupon can be doubled for the item that you are going to buy. When the bar code starts with 9 means you cannot double the coupon. This morning, I checked my coupons and the bar codes. I was so happy because all the coupons that I have starts with 5 on the bar codes which means I can double the coupons. Already printed out my additional coupons but noticed we are out on bond paper..hahaha... 

Oh well, since we cancel our Netflix account for DVD, we are renting our DVD's on the Redbox. Last night, we watched Thor and I really loved it! Chris Hemsworth, "THOR" is so handsome!.. I have great movies to watch like Bridesmaids and Something Barrowed but I have other shows to watch on TV..


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