Extreme Couponing is Back!


September 29, 2011

Extreme Couponing is back on TLC. I watched the show last night. It's amazing how couponing can save you up to 95 percent on groceries. I have no idea that bar codes has meaning when it comes to coupons. Just found out when a bar code starts with 5 meaning coupon can be doubled for the item that you are going to buy. When the bar code starts with 9 means you cannot double the coupon. This morning, I checked my coupons and the bar codes. I was so happy because all the coupons that I have starts with 5 on the bar codes which means I can double the coupons. Already printed out my additional coupons but noticed we are out on bond paper..hahaha... 

Oh well, since we cancel our Netflix account for DVD, we are renting our DVD's on the Redbox. Last night, we watched Thor and I really loved it! Chris Hemsworth, "THOR" is so handsome!.. I have great movies to watch like Bridesmaids and Something Barrowed but I have other shows to watch on TV..

Great Birthday!


September 25, 2011

Charles had a great time on his 3rd birthday party. He was very happy to see his aunts and played most of the time. He got lots of presents that he really likes.Though we forgot to put on our party hats. My husband cooked Spaghetti Meatballs and I made Strawberry Punch.

I knew Charles missed his aunts but we will visit them for Thanksgiving and it's just 2 months away. We asked Charles what he wants to be for Halloween and he doesn't know yet. We really enjoyed to spend time with my husbands sisters and cousin. They are very nice to me. I am so grateful to be part of the family.

Blocking Wallets


September 24, 2011

I cried when my husband lost his wallet. His driver’s license, ATM Cards, Cash and Social Security Card were inside his wallet. For sure, someone could have used his personal information. I found a great rfid blocking wallets that he can use whenever we are traveling out of State. It helps protect from thieves scanning your debit cards, credit cards, drivers license and passports.

Need a Loan?


September 23, 2011

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Happy 3rd Birthday Charles


September 21, 2011

Today is Charles 3rd birthday. I did not decorate for his birthday because we have another birthday celebration this Saturday. My husbands sisters will take Charles to the park or at the store so we can decorate and we can surprise him. Charles likes his birthday gifts and his Ice Cream Cake. Though he got a colds so he wasn't very active tonight. All of my husbands sisters are coming this Friday and they will be back on Sunday. I can't believed that my baby is already 3 years old. I was trying to upload a picture but I noticed the pictures that I took was blurry..

One Week Away


September 14, 2011

One week away is Charles 3rd birthday. He is so excited! I wrapped some of his presents and kept it on the closet so he could not see it until his birthday. I will cook Spaghetti Meatballs because Charles likes it. It's not a big party but I'm sure everybody will gonna like it. My husbands sisters and their cousin Linda are coming next week and we will take them out to eat at our favorite restaurants. My husbands family are very nice to me. I have a friend who lives in Virginia, Nadine she couldn't get along with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I have not talk to her in months now hopefully she's doing alright with her daughter. Oh well, I am so glad that I'm getting some tasks lately.

Collision Estimation Software


September 13, 2011

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Teddies for Women

I am uncomfortable buying sexy lingerie at the store specially when my toddler and my husband are around. Been browsing on the web and I was amazed at the price of these teddies for women. Lots of styles and colors to choose from and most of all it’s very affordable. For all women out there, Lingerie Diva has all types of lingerie’s to make us feel sexy and wonderful.

The 2011 Miss Universe Pageant


September 12, 2011

Just done watching The 2011 Miss Universe Pageant held at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hosted by Andy Cohen and Natalie Morales. I think they did a pretty good job of hosting the Pageant. I was so happy when Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup made it to the Top 16, then to Top 10 and Top 5. She was the Fan favorite for the Swim Wear and Evening Gown. Though, there were two Asian Judges, Lea Salonga and Connie Chung, First Asian Newscaster to work on Television. Miss China was also on the Top 5 and Miss Philippines, both from Asia. 

Angola Miss Universe 2011
1st Runner Up Ukraine
2nd Runner Up Brazil
3rd Runner Up Philippines
4th Runner Up China

I am proud to be a Filipino. I'm sure the Philippines will be celebrating for Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup for being on the Top 5. She did not take home the crown but being on the Top 5 is a great opportunity. She is very lucky to made it to the Top 5 among 88 contestants from different countries.

That's my Boy!


September 10, 2011

I had a pretty good day today. We ate at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant. I was glad because Charles likes to ate corn chips and cheese dip. Then we stopped by at Manna Oriental Market. I got some Pretzels Chocolate Sticks for Charles. I also got a package of Calamansi Juice. Then we went to Walmart. The place was very busy but they only have few opened checkouts. I was so irritated because the woman in-front of us was busy talking on her cellphone and not watching on her groceries. She hardly even got all her groceries out from the cart.

Even to swiped her card was talking so long. To me, when other customers are waiting in line, pay attention of your stuff or just call the person back when you are done. Oh well, I am looking forward for Charles birthday and my husbands sisters and their cousin Linda to be here. Everybody are all excited for his birthday.

Target Coupons

I was inspired to collect coupons from my sister-in-law Connie and the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. I recently found a website, http://www.dropdowndeals.com. I was amazed at all the coupons that they have. They have coupons for everything. Like Target coupons that can save you money. You don’t have to pay full price for every items you purchase. Use coupons every time you shop. It can save you a lot of money.

My Precious Little One


September 8, 2011

I am tired of being sick for the last couple days now. I have lots of stuff that needs to be done in the house liking cleaning, laundry and dusting the windows. Charles can't play outside because I can't be with him and I don't want to let Charles outside by himself. Though I have lots of things to look forward for this month. Charles birthday is just few weeks away and I need to start wrapping some of his presents. My husbands sisters and their cousin Linda are coming for Charles birthday. I know it will gonna be fun. Doug and me will decorate on his birthday while his sisters are taking Charles to the park so we can surprise my birthday boy. Wow! I can't believe that Charles is three years old already. I still remember the time I got pregnant, my baby shower. The time Doug and me attended the Lamaze Class for first time parents. We both loved it. During my labor and delivery with my precious little one. I just love to be a mom.

Football Night


September 1, 2011

Charles and I are waiting for my husband to get back home from School. We will watch High School Football at the Razorback Stadium. I've been to the Razorback Stadium before and I really like it. The game will start at 6 o'clock and we will just eat at Red Dragon. It's a Chinese Restaurant. The reason why we keep coming back on this restaurant is: they have shrimp, rice and pancit which my husband and Charles likes to eat also. Oh well, I need to make sure I got every thing ready before my husband gets here.