Kids Needed a Change


August 7, 2011

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My kids really needed something different so I finally decided last year was the time to pack us all up and move out of the city. I love Boston but it’s really hustle and bustle and I didn’t feel like they were getting the kind of education they needed to grow into the type of adults I wanted them to be. I learned how to homeschool them and we’ve been out here in the country for a few months and things seem to really be looking up. They love it out here and they’ve got a lot more room to roam and I feel like a much better mom having them out here with me. I got us internet and it’s been a Godsend since we can still email our friends back in Bean Town and the kids don’t feel too cut off. I like knowing where they are at all times and I think they’re really coming around to life outside the city they’ve always known.


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