It's Freaking me out


August 30, 2011

The domain of this blog will expire in December. It's freaking me out because I could not log into my google apps. I could not remember what my username is. I know I still have plenty of time but I need to figure out how I can log back in to my google account. On the other blog, I managed to renew my account because I wrote down my username. I really like my web host provider. I don't have any problem with the service. For now, I will have to spend my time on the computer trying to read and figure things out.

Mommy I'm so Glad Your Home


August 26, 2011

Charles loved to say this all the time. "Mommy I'm so Glad Your Home". I've been away with Charles twice for just about 2 hours. The first time was when I was looking for his Halloween, basket. Second was when I went shopping with my husbands sisters. I am not comfortable leaving Charles even though my husband will surely take good care of our toddler. I just don't know why. I'd rather be at home and stay with Charles all day. I know it would be a problem with me when Charles started to go to Prep School or Kindergarten. I am not used to be far away with my baby.

Diet Pills that Work


August 23, 2011

Losing weight takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. For someone who’s been trying hard each and every day, year after year sometimes trying is just not enough. You have sacrificed plenty but still couldn’t achieve your goal. There are other ways to lose some of that weight. One of those ways is to take diet pills that work without starving yourself. Adapexin diet pill has been on the market for years and is proven to help your weight loss battle safely.

Too Excited!

The Football set that my husband ordered online was already here. Charles saw the box and he was so excited. I told Charles the box is for his dad so will keep insisting of opening the box. Doug and I both agree that Charles would gonna love his new Football gifts. His birthday is on September 21st. We will just bought ice cream cake on his birthday and wrap some small presents. On September 24th that's the day where my husbands sisters are coming and for sure will gonna have fun. I am so excited!

Car Accident


August 20, 2011

Recently my classmate from College Myrna had a car accident in Cleveland, Ohio where she lives with her husband Joe. Thanks God that Myrna, Joe and there son Mason where all OK but their car was a total wreck. When I was talking to Myrna just the other night she was talking about how they had to get truck accident law firm in Cleveland, Ohio as the other motorist was at fault and had no insurance. They hired the law firm of the Ryan, LLP. Their attorney has been great in pursuing their case. They are very happy with the representation, professionalism and service they have received at Ryan, LLP.

Got this For Free


August 18, 2011

I am so happy to received 6 Free Issues of People Magazine. I also got a copy of Parents Magazine for Free. Well, I was a little upset with Charles when we got up from bed. I was here in the computer and heard a noise from the kitchen. When I checked, Charles spilled my rice on the floor. Anyway, it's very nice outside today. When I got the trash can from the curve it was already hot. How much more later in the afternoon? I really don't have much things to say aside from getting free stuff. Later Charles will have his bath before I start the laundry.

Bad Day on Making Cream Cheese Frosting


August 15, 2011

I don't have a pretty good day today. I baked Red Velvet Cupcake and it turned out pretty good but my Cream Cheese Frosting was runny. I can't put it on my cupcakes. Charles loves cupcakes but he does not like on my frosting. I don't want to spend any money again trying to make frosting and it will not turn out the way I want to be. These cupcakes are good with Whip Cream but I am just so disappointed today.

Garage Sale


August 13, 2011

I would love to visit on garage sale but unfortunately I haven't been to any one. My friend said, if will go to garage sale, I have to be there early so I can pick on good things. I just noticed our neighbor had a garage sale and it looks like they are done so early. I wish have known so at least I can see what they have that I might be interested in buying.

Video Baby Monitor


August 11, 2011

As a mom keeping our kids safe is our number one priority over all else. When I had Charles, I used a video baby monitor. I could still work around the house and monitor Charles while he’s asleep in his crib in our bedroom. If you’re expecting a baby, buying a video baby monitor is one of the most important tools you will need. Great gift for baby shower.

Scary Lightning and Thunderstorms

I am scared of lightning and thunderstorms. Last night the weather was a bit scary for me and Charles. Thunderstorms was very loud and we saw the lightning through our window. I am glad it was over. Oh well, I really don't have much words to say for my post. It's just boring when my husband is not around. Feels like this week is very long that my husband is back to school. Though classes will start next week but my husband has to be at school for some other meetings like professional development and other stuff. But hopefully tomorrow he can get some good stuff from school like free one night stay at the hotel.

Actos Lawsuit


August 9, 2011

The other day, my husband went to his doctor for his 3 months check-up. Every thing went really good and his doctor gave him free hormones to take at night to lower his blood sugar. Upon reading he found out he can’t take the medicine when one of the family members was diagnosed with medullar cancer.

Are you or your loved ones have been taking drugs like Actos or your doctor prescribed this kind of medicine you are entitled to file actos lawsuit. Actos has been linked to serious side effects including bladder cancer. There are physicians who will prescribed to their patients without knowing the side effects of the medicine.

We are all excited!


August 8, 2011

Well, it's already August and Charles birthday is next month. We are all excited especially Charles. I asked him what kind of decorations he wants and he said; truck decorations. He also likes monster trucks but when we looked at Party City they don't have that kind of decorations. My husband looked online and I don't like the Happy Birthday banner. I know whatever makes Charles happy will be okay for me but hopefully we can find a decent one.

Kids Needed a Change


August 7, 2011

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My kids really needed something different so I finally decided last year was the time to pack us all up and move out of the city. I love Boston but it’s really hustle and bustle and I didn’t feel like they were getting the kind of education they needed to grow into the type of adults I wanted them to be. I learned how to homeschool them and we’ve been out here in the country for a few months and things seem to really be looking up. They love it out here and they’ve got a lot more room to roam and I feel like a much better mom having them out here with me. I got us internet and it’s been a Godsend since we can still email our friends back in Bean Town and the kids don’t feel too cut off. I like knowing where they are at all times and I think they’re really coming around to life outside the city they’ve always known.

Free Gaia Online Stuff


August 5, 2011

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Do I have to Go?

My husband will go to Springfield tomorrow. I'm not sure whether I will go or not. I have a friend that lives in there but it's been a long time since we spoke to each other. Also, it's gonna be long drive and the weather is very hot. Even in the garage I don't want to go in there. Oh well, am glad got some tasks to do.

Been Sick Lately


August 1, 2011

I really don't have anything to say this morning. Just got up from bed and I wasn't feeling very good last night. I was here on the computer and suddenly I threw up. Glad I made to the kitchen. Charles was asking, Mommy why you threw up?Well, I haven't eat my breakfast so I'd better get off in here.