Harsh Words against Your Ex-Husband over Social Network?


June 11, 2011

Nowadays, it's easy to say Hi & Hello to someone you like on the internet. Some will end up to a lasting friendship and would turn into marriage. As we all know, there few ladies out there who marry their guy for the wrong reasons which is money and to be here in the United States. When the couple gets married and living together that's the time reality hit. I have a mutual friend, they've been married for almost 4 years now and have a child. Sad to say, right now they facing the hardest decisions of their lives which is getting a divorce. To me, when your marriage isn't working or has problems along the way, why would you post it on Facebook? Then your husband will comment on a negative way on the post and every one can read it too. Still he's the father of your child. 


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