Finally! Got a PR 2


June 29, 2011

Last night, when I was checking my blog I saw that I got PR 2 with my 2 blogs. I am so happy right now. Though I have fears what if it will change to zero in the next few days? At least, I've seen what I really wanted to see for my blogs like having my PR. I would be happy to recieve more tasks but having PR doesn't mean you can get more tasks. I know there are blogs that are better than mine. I am trying to create quality blogs so advertiser's would be interested to advertise on my website. Well today, we are going to take Charles to play golf. He never plays golf so I have no idea if he will gonna like it or not. Also, I got other freebies from my husband's sisters. They bought me a Mascara, Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss. I never put my own make up so they are my glam team in the next few days..


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