A Dark Secret


June 23, 2011

Black and deep-purple foods are brimming with health benefits. That's because anthocyanins, a plant compound responsible for the food's color, are powerful antioxidants that my protect cells from damage and diseases like cancer and heart disease. Try these kid-friendly four.
  1. Blackberries Bonus benefit Cup for cup, the juicy fruit contains more fiber than strawberries. Serve them on top of oatmeal or layered in a yogurt parfait for breakfast or dessert. 
  2.  Black Rice Bonus benefit It's a good source of vitamin E, which some children don't get enough of. Serve it with white beans to create an amusing "mixed-up" dinner of rice and beans.
  1. Black Plums Bonus benefit Each plum has just 30 calories and gives your kid an ample dose of vitamin C. Serve them whole or sliced into a fruit salad, or chop dried plums into small pieces and mix with nuts to create a tasty trail mix.
  2. Black Soybeans Bonus benefit A half-cup serving packs more than half of the iron that toddlers need every day. Serve them swapped for chickpeas in a batch of homemade hummus.


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