Cake Decorator


June 8, 2011

Contribution by Terrance Kirby
Everyone in my family knows how much I like to cook but none of them really know that I developed quite a passion for cake decorating I think it was watching the dozens of cake decorating competitions and shows on cable, but I really decided to pour all my energy into learning how to be an amazing cake decorator. My husband is going to think I'm crazy, but I bought all kinds of supplies which are hidden in the garage for now. I also signed us up for wireless internet so I can watch tutorials online and print out cake decorating patterns by my favorite artists, which I ! realize sounds a little intense. But once my family sees the amazing things I'm able to do with icing and cake, they're going to be sorry they ever make fun of me! If I get good enough, I may even talk to my husband about opening up a bakery of my own somewhere in town. Now how would that be for following your dreams!