Body Building Factory


June 30, 2011

My neighbor, Jose is a carpenter and loves to drive his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Jose is ripped and the other day I finally asked him how he got such a chiseled look.  Jose has what I call my perfect idea of a body.  He has large muscles but also at the same time looks athletic and sleek. He said it is through a lot of hard work and his favorite supplement. To stay healthy, strong and competitive he’s been using androdrol pro hormone. His body is in great shape and very masculine. Jose also said he takes other supplements to keep him healthy as well.  He recommended that I use as that is the only site he will use on the internet.  The site is full of great products for use not just in body building but also in your general fitness and health.  The site is easy to navigate and is very informative.  Being a newbie to fitness supplements I have found the customer service department to also be very helpful and knowledgeable.  So if you are like me, wanting to trim down and gain a more athletic lean look or you are like Jose, looking to get muscle mass as well as looking smoking hot please give a look.

World Financial Group Reviews

I'm a stay at home mom. I like to read and visit helpful sites to help me inform about the latest buzz on the web. World Financial Group Reviews has the latest news on technology, products and services right to your computer. The other thing that makes World Financial Group Reviews so useful to me is that the site is very easy to navigate and use. It's very informative and would help you a lot before you buy or use the products and services that are on the market now. To learn more about World Financial Group Reviews you can visit the website

I Love to Play Golf


June 29, 2011

We just got back home from playing golf and grocery shopping in Iowa. We all loved it! Charles was having fun though he kept throwing his golf ball into the water. It was hot outside so I had to stay on the shade when it wasn't my turn. I am dark already but my husband will laugh at me. He always said; people here in the US will pay to have their skin tan and wants to get darker but not me.

Industrial Rubber Hose

My husband has been looking for industrial rubber hose to put up outside our house. We need rubber hose so I can clean up the car instead of taking it to the car wash. Industrial rubber hose are durable for extreme type of weather especially when you live in the South. We had rubber hose before but we gave it to our neighbor when we move on this place.

Dutch Masters Cigars

My husband’s friend is celebrating his 48th birthday this Friday. We have no idea what type of gifts that he really wanted. We only knew one thing for sure that he smokes Dutch Master  cigars. Will get him a box of his favorite, Dutch Masters Palma. Not only does my husband’s friend but I also love the natural aroma of the Dutch Masters Palma cigar.

Finally! Got a PR 2

Last night, when I was checking my blog I saw that I got PR 2 with my 2 blogs. I am so happy right now. Though I have fears what if it will change to zero in the next few days? At least, I've seen what I really wanted to see for my blogs like having my PR. I would be happy to recieve more tasks but having PR doesn't mean you can get more tasks. I know there are blogs that are better than mine. I am trying to create quality blogs so advertiser's would be interested to advertise on my website. Well today, we are going to take Charles to play golf. He never plays golf so I have no idea if he will gonna like it or not. Also, I got other freebies from my husband's sisters. They bought me a Mascara, Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss. I never put my own make up so they are my glam team in the next few days..

No Swim Lessons


June 27, 2011

I was expecting today would be the start of Swim Lessons for the kids. Unfortunately, it will  start next week and by that week will be back from our family vacation. I am enjoying our vacation with my husbands' family. The wedding will be this Saturday and Charles doesn't want to be a ring bearer. This morning, we are trying to put his suit on and he kept on crying. How much more when it's the wedding day? He doesn't like also when we had his hair cut. Anyway, I'm still excited for the wedding!

A Dark Secret


June 23, 2011

Black and deep-purple foods are brimming with health benefits. That's because anthocyanins, a plant compound responsible for the food's color, are powerful antioxidants that my protect cells from damage and diseases like cancer and heart disease. Try these kid-friendly four.
  1. Blackberries Bonus benefit Cup for cup, the juicy fruit contains more fiber than strawberries. Serve them on top of oatmeal or layered in a yogurt parfait for breakfast or dessert. 
  2.  Black Rice Bonus benefit It's a good source of vitamin E, which some children don't get enough of. Serve it with white beans to create an amusing "mixed-up" dinner of rice and beans.
  1. Black Plums Bonus benefit Each plum has just 30 calories and gives your kid an ample dose of vitamin C. Serve them whole or sliced into a fruit salad, or chop dried plums into small pieces and mix with nuts to create a tasty trail mix.
  2. Black Soybeans Bonus benefit A half-cup serving packs more than half of the iron that toddlers need every day. Serve them swapped for chickpeas in a batch of homemade hummus.

Bushnell Binoculars

Finally it's summer! Most of you will go on a hunting trip. Is your accessories ready like bushnell binoculars? If you haven't heard about Bushnell, they are the leading company that makes award winning binoculars. With different styles and colors to choose from. These binoculars are durable and you'll be happy with the price of what you pay. If your looking for outdoor accessories you can visit the website.

First Day of Summer


June 21, 2011

Today is the first day of summer and it looks like it's gonna be hotter than ever. Last night, we had severe lightning and thunderstorms and scared me to death. Anyway, yesterday my husband had his old change of our car at Walmart. I was expecting it would only took us to wait about 30 minutes to 1 hour and it was longer than that. I was so irritated! It looks like they don't have enough personnel to work with their customers cars. At the back check out, only one cashier that was assigned at the counter.

At least my son loves tires so he doesn't mind of waiting.  I was so bored, for the reason that I forgot to take my cellphone with me. I didn't look around into other stuff while waiting. Later, I'll make sure not to forget to take my cellphone with me when we go to Manna Oriental Market. Oh well, I am so excited for this week. Will be visiting my husband's sister's and will gonna have Charles hair cut. He's suit is ready and I am so excited for him to be a ring bearer. We already bought our gift for the wedding. All I have to do is to pack our clothes and Charles is so happy to have his own suit case.

Lil' Naughty Toddler


June 18, 2011

I loved being a mom but when my toddler gets naughty it drives me crazy. This morning, I asked him what he wants to eat for breakfast. He said, "Pancake". Soon as the Pancake was ready he doesn't want to eat it. While I was eating my breakfast, he ate some rice with me. But on his last bite he spit it out on the carpet. Yesterday, he got all his clothes out from his dresser. When he got out from his room, he was wearing socks that aren't the same. I was mad but when I saw Charles wearing all those socks it makes me laugh.

Undermount Stainless Sinks


June 17, 2011

My husband and I are planning to change our old kitchen sink to a new one. We've started looking at the store but we couldn't find what we really wants. Besides I really don't like going outside walking from store then to another store. It is very hot and I don't like it. Since I spend more time on the computer, I started  browsing on the web about undermount stainless sinks These are the sinks that I really wanted to have in our kitchen. I just loved it.

Me & My Toddler


June 14, 2011

I am happy that my husband is done at school. We always took our son to the park and he really likes it. Every time we will say "time to go home", Charles would always say "I wanna stay on my park".

Oh well, it's only me and my toddler today. My husband is driving the kids for the Summer Wrestling Camp in Kansas City. At least he'll be back later this afternoon. I knew how my husband really loved being a Teacher and a Head Wrestling Coach. That's why when there are open Summer Wrestling Camp, he would encourage the Team to attend and that's what makes the team better and competitive on the Mats and during Tournaments.

Harsh Words against Your Ex-Husband over Social Network?


June 11, 2011

Nowadays, it's easy to say Hi & Hello to someone you like on the internet. Some will end up to a lasting friendship and would turn into marriage. As we all know, there few ladies out there who marry their guy for the wrong reasons which is money and to be here in the United States. When the couple gets married and living together that's the time reality hit. I have a mutual friend, they've been married for almost 4 years now and have a child. Sad to say, right now they facing the hardest decisions of their lives which is getting a divorce. To me, when your marriage isn't working or has problems along the way, why would you post it on Facebook? Then your husband will comment on a negative way on the post and every one can read it too. Still he's the father of your child. 

What a Day!


June 9, 2011

I had a pretty good day today. We went shopping looking for Charles suit that he's going to wear on my sister-in-law's wedding this July. We couldn't find anything on his size which is 3T. If we couldn't find it at the store I will have to look it up online. Anyway, I got this grab bag the other night and it kept being rejected. The reason was: Links Cannot Be Tagged Nofollow. I have no idea what the heck it is! I sent an email to the Support Team and got the reply back. It says, "You need to take the no follow tag off of your blog account". Oh well, I need to focus watching of the NBA Finals right now. Besides I'm kinda irritated with this Laptop. It easily gets hot and I couldn't type very well.

Cake Decorator


June 8, 2011

Contribution by Terrance Kirby
Everyone in my family knows how much I like to cook but none of them really know that I developed quite a passion for cake decorating I think it was watching the dozens of cake decorating competitions and shows on cable, but I really decided to pour all my energy into learning how to be an amazing cake decorator. My husband is going to think I'm crazy, but I bought all kinds of supplies which are hidden in the garage for now. I also signed us up for wireless internet so I can watch tutorials online and print out cake decorating patterns by my favorite artists, which I ! realize sounds a little intense. But once my family sees the amazing things I'm able to do with icing and cake, they're going to be sorry they ever make fun of me! If I get good enough, I may even talk to my husband about opening up a bakery of my own somewhere in town. Now how would that be for following your dreams!

Good Time


June 7, 2011

I was inspired to collect coupons from my sister-in-law Connie. Tonight, I had some coupons and I will gonna use it at Walmart. Though the coupons are from other stores but I can use it at Walmart on their Price Ad Match. Isn't it wonderful? Oh well, I really had a great time spending with my sister-in-law Connie. Charles was so happy to see these guys. But anyways, will gonna see them in a few weeks from now.

Recycle Your Old Refrigerator


June 1, 2011

When you bought your new refrigerator, did you put the old one in your basement or garage to use for overflow items and during parties? You're paying dearly for it if you did. Older refrigerators and freezers use up to twice the energy of new, energy-efficient models, especially if the new one has an ENERGY STAR label. In fact, it could cost you up to $100 a year on your electric bill to run that old energy hog.

Plus, using a refrigerator in a garage is even more inefficient. When it's hot outside, it gets really hot in the garage, which probably is not insulated or air conditioned. So your refrigerator has to work overtime to keep cool inside. The solution: Have your refrigerator hauled away to a place that recycles older models. Buying a small, new unit to handle your overflow will be worth it as it saves money on your electric bill over it's life.