Buffet GlobeT Daytona


March 29, 2011

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Dumb & Dumber


March 25, 2011

Just got done watching a movie Dumb & Dumber on Netflix. I like it! My husband and I was laughing about it. Anyway, I don't have internet connection yesterday. Some guys messed it up when they installed cable wires of our neighbors. Nothing's new. I don't have any opportunities for my blogs. I'm kinda lazy to do my blog hopping at this time. Better get off in here.

Pretty Good Day!


March 21, 2011

It was very nice outside today. Charles and I went shopping while my husband was watching movie at the theater. Charles was so excited when he saw a Jeep on the parking lot. There are clothes that I really like but they don't have my size. Then we took Charles on the little play area at the mall. When we're about to leave, Charles was crying because he doesn't wanna go home yet. Luckily, he saw an airplane on the sky that caught his attention. Then I stopped by at the Post Office to mail the card for my sister-in-law Mj. It was my first time to stop by at the Post Office. I was a little bit nervous at first. I don't know what I am going to say. But I made it!

Sell Your Resort


March 18, 2011

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New Drums and Cymbals


March 17, 2011

Charles got a card and money from his Aunt Connie and Uncle Max for St. Patrick's Day. Since it was very nice outside today I told my husband to go somewhere and drive around. We just got back home from Toys R US. Charles got a drums, cymbals and Lightning McQueen Cars. He really likes it a lot! Hopefully, later he will not take his drums to bed. Last night, he wants to take his new toothbrush to bed. Anyway, better get off in here now.

Time Changed!


March 13, 2011

I usually get up early when my husband is here so I can cook our breakfast. Today, I got up around 11 o'clock and had no idea about the time change. Oh well, I really had a great time today. My son always makes me laugh. He has favorite words to say which is "No" and "That's Mine". Nothing's new for this blog. I don't have any assign task that is why I'm kinda lazy to post something in here.

Not Again!


March 10, 2011

I was reading blogs and heard a noise in the kitchen. When I checked, Charles was on the top of the table and got my wallet. The ATM cards are on the floor and luckily he didn't get penny's that was inside my wallet. It scares me what if he will just chew penny's without my knowledge. My husband will gonna kill me..just kidding! Oh well, it's very nice sunny outside today. Hope it gets warmer so I can take Charles outside and play. Also, this Saturday my husband will go to Springfield, Missouri to see his friends. I'm not sure if  Charles and I will go with him or not. It's just a long day doing nothing while my husband is playing RPG with his friends.

Tiger Balm, a redness on my forehead


March 7, 2011

I went to the Asian Store yesterday and got some Mangoes and Tiger Balm. Tried the Tiger Balm last night on my forehead and this morning when I looked on the mirror my forehead was red. I used Tiger Balm before but I didn't get any redness on my forehead. Anyway, I will just stop using it and I will get White Flower when I go back to the store. Oh well, nothing's new for this blog. I don't have any task at all and don't know when I can get my pagerank.

So Tired!


March 5, 2011

We just got back from shopping. Got a pair of jeans, Victorias Secret stuff and Charles clothes and jeans. I wear my boots so my feet are very sore. Then, I got a task for my other blog and it took me an hour to create a blog. I am really tired right now. I hope I can have a good night sleep tonight. Well, better get off in here.

Mispelled Name on Check


March 1, 2011

We did our Tax Return online via Turbo Tax. We got our Tax Refund directly to our bank account. Also we got a check from the Auditor of State of Arkansas. When my husband was about to deposit the check, he found out that my name is wrong spelling. How could this happen? It's very clear on our Tax Return that my name starts with "R", not "K". Also, they didn't double checked whether the things that they had written is right or wrong. Well, later today when my husband gets off from work he will try to call so they can issue a new check with my correct name on it.