Dream House


February 2, 2011

My husband always asked me this question. What if will gonna win on the Lottery? I always say, will gonna buy a bigger house so all of your sister's can live with us.  Rancho Santa Fe is on the top of our list to live with. With great location, bigger and nicer houses, closer to shops, restaurants and famous attractions. Moving from the South going to the West Coast is a long trip. 

I heard that there are lots of Filipino community living in San Francisco which I think would be perfect for my toddler. I really don't know anybody on this neighborhood so it's better to move to another place wherein I can raise my toddler on a safer environment. 

My husband and I are open to live  in the City somewhere in North County Inland. Love the location, panoramic view and bigger houses are on the market right now. I'm sure the prices are negotiable especially on this tough economy.

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