I hate Monday


January 2, 2011

As a mom there are times I get frustrated when my son cries especially in the middle of the night. He will just scream and I don't know what he wants. I tried to comfort him by letting him know that "Mommy is here" but he will just keep on crying. Luckily, my husband is always there for Charles. I guess I am not that comfy as his dad. Charles will just lay on his dad and he will fall right back to sleep. Well, tomorrow is Monday again and my husband will go back to school. I admit, I'm not yet ready for my husband to go back to work. We only spend 2 weeks for his Christmas break and 3 days on that vacation was spent for Holiday Wrestling Tournament. Anyway, I guess Charles and I will be alright. For sure, Charles will gonna miss his dad playing with him most of the time.


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