I Have Been Busy


August 21, 2018

Well, it has been a long time since I was writing on blogosphere with no paid tasks to work with why should I? Oh I’m just kidding sometimes it is better to stay silent than being narcissist like some people do each day. With the couple of months I’ve been away, I’d like to think to myself, I have been busy with my new job. Its part time but dang why I didn’t find a job sooner? Days and months are going by so quickly just like my son Charles’ 10 birthday next month. He’s also a 4th grader now, an honor student on his 3rd grade and best in Mathematics not to brag about it is just how proud I am. Still on the Gifted and Talented Program which only few students are selected in each grade level, lets say smarty pants. 

Anyway, Charles’ is almost as tall as me and probably catching up on my weight. One time he tried to jumped on my back we both fell to the ground and hit his back on his drum set. Only a few minor scratches for both of us though it could have been worse since the metal on the cymbal was sticking out. Nonetheless, how’s your summer been? Mine, as I recall we watched a Babymetal concert in Kansas City. Spent a few days in Branson, Missouri. Stayed at the Grand Victoria, which isn’t so grand after all. Went to see the Titanic Museum, boat Ride the Ducks, oh how I was terrified just to think about it being on the water. I don’t know how to swim at all and neither does my hubby. A few weeks after, I saw the news about the boat ride that sank and claimed many lives. It was heart wrenching to watched knowing it could possibly happen during our boat ride as it was my biggest fear when I stepped inside the boat. 

Hmm what else I’ve done over these past few months, all I know is; it is very tiring when I work 7 or 8 hours. I usually stay up late then but now after 7 I’m already in bed or am I just getting old? 

Celebrity Chef, Valerie Bertinelli


October 13, 2017

If you believe in superstitions, that there’s something bad going to happen every Friday 13th you’re not alone so welcome to the club just kidding! But today, isn’t a bad day after all as I saw celebrity chef, Valerie Bertinelli from Food Network at Walmart. I am not a huge fan of her cooking shows to be honest but I was curious how she looks like in person. My husband told me, she’s the girl next door, cute etc. Well, I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw her personally knowing I was too eager to head out the door and my heart was beating faster than I anticipated as I drove my car. I thought I’ll be awestruck but I wasn’t after all. 

Valerie Bertinelli

Unlike seeing Anderson Cooper, of AC360 on CNN, Ree Drummond, of Pioneer Woman, on Food Network as I was too excited just to catch a glimpse on them and took their pictures during book signings as well.

Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw


July 14, 2017

When you’re in a rush to get back home finding fast-food can be daunting in the city when you are really hungry. Just the other day, we were looking for Popeyes so we could just get our food and eat in the car while driving and not have a sit-down meal as we have time to get home before the vet closes. While looking for signs on the road still no Popeyes so what about Manila Bay Ihaw-Ihaw, I suggested as we‘re getting closer to Bannister. Well, Doug was kind of ummm I really want to get home and we have to wait for our food but we ended up at Manila Bay anyhow. What a coincidence, the restaurant started a buffet Wednesday so we did not have to wait for our food what a win win situation for all of us. As always, the dishes on the buffet tasted very delicious and I am still thinking about their Pakbet. My Pakbet tasted really good when I cook it but theirs was the best hands down. The Chicken Curry was a hit with my hubby as he likes spicy foods. Mac N’ Cheese was Charles’ favorite and so was their Pork Adobo paired with rice as always. Dang, I felt miserable in the car after eating those foods but I am not complaining when the foods tastes really delicious. 

Pancit, Chicken Curry and Pork BBQ

Dinuguan, Mac N Cheese, and Fried Chicken

Pakbet (Vegetable Medley) and Grilled Fish

Pork Adobo

Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal Cookies

Banana Bread and Spring Rolls

Anyway, we got back home before the vet closes at 5:30 pm to pick up Chase. While I was waiting in the car I saw an old woman carrying a crate of her pet inside. Geez, having a pet is just like having a child. Dropping and picking up your pet at vet and day care center for you child before you go to work. I am still not a big fan of having a pet around the house and I don’t think my perception will change as days go by. Even when my hubby always asked me; how could you not loved Chase, he’s adorable, everybody likes dogs. Not me, pets like dogs are cute though I don’t want to have them around the house. I don’t mind giving Chase his bath or trimming his nails. Does it makes me feel I’m a bad person for not liking or wanting dogs around absolutely! I just don’t want a pet that’s my pet peeve. 

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I Had My Anxiety


June 6, 2017

It will be three years this July since I got my driver license. As far as myself driving the car I think I am doing a pretty good job behind the wheel. I haven’t driven the car trough a red light and most of all, I obey traffic signs and speed limits on the road. Being a driver can be annoying when the driver will cut in front of you only a few feet away and will drive slower than the speed limit. Also, it could be scary when the other driver is not paying attention to where they are going. 

Just recently, I was on my way home, first car on the stop light (one lane across) and the flatbed truck beside me was on the left turn lane only. When the lights turned green I drove across the other lane (straight & right turn only) when I noticed the flatbed truck just passed me by. It was too close when I realized I almost got in a wrecked if I haven’t stepped on the brake and honked at the other driver. Since he was also driving towards my lane even when he was on the left turn lane only and blinkers on. 

With this incident I had my anxiety, I was hardly able to sleep the night the day it happened thinking I might be in the wrong lane so I drove back the next day to checked it out. But anyway, I’m doing just fine since that nearly accident. I have been enjoying the warm weather despite muggy temperatures these past few days. My son Charles’ got to go to World’s of Fun when his dad took some of his wrestlers to a fun-filled day trip for the team but I didn’t go and stayed home instead. 

Well, I am glad Charles went to World’s of Fun as he kept on talking about his rides like The Mamba and the tallest roller coaster non-stop since they got back home. Looks like Charles really had fun this time around with a Fidget Spinner after the tallest ride on the roller coaster was such a delightful toy for him to have.

Brian May Guitar

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Honor Roll and an Outstanding Citizenship Award


May 25, 2017

What a great way to end Charles’ school year. Being on the Honor Roll in his class and an Outstanding Citizenship Award are everything parents always dream of for their children. I may not post on social media every accomplishments he has or sports he has played in the past but it doesn’t mean I am not very proud of him. Of course, Doug and I are so very proud of this little bugger. Just recently, Charles’ has been referred through the Talent Pool process for possible placement in the Gifted & Talented Program from his teacher. Not many kids gets this kind of opportunity and we are very grateful. 

Oh well, tomorrow is the last day of school so Charles is looking forward to this day so he could stay home watching YouTube videos or play on his X-Box and some Minecraft on the phone. Looks like Charles’ summer is pretty much doing the same stuff above aside from our trip to Texas to watch Indy Car race and the Iron Maiden concert in July. We could add World’s of Fun trip but I think Charles and I are just going to stay home while Doug takes his wrestling team for the fun-filled day with the kids. Honestly, I don’t like roller coaster or the thought of Charles riding one scares the hell out of me so I only prefer the Carousel ride.