February 15, 2017

Laws Kept Changing

I used to watched CNN during the presidential primary and presidential election. But now, I realized why even bother watching any of the shows regarding politics when all of the guests are on each others throat bickering their opinions even when it is not true at all? Every political party has their views on policy whether its on immigration, healthcare, education and national security so its hard to get along when you’re in the Senate as an elected official. Just recently, immigration is always on the news as the newly elected President is going to deport illegal immigrants living in the United States especially to those individuals with criminal records. 

Aside from that, visa holders from foreign countries that are ban due to terrorists are not allowed to enter the country even when traveling on vacation. Its fearful even if I’m not planning to visit the Philippines anytime soon, laws kept changing every day with the new administration.

Keith Urban Collection

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February 5, 2017

Michael Kors, Ginny Medium Messenger Bag

I hardly purchase handbags but when I do its always on sale like my newest one from Michael Kors, Ginny Medium Messenger bag. It was on sale at Dillard’s for 60% off so I thought I should buy it for myself. Kind of like late birthday present even though I already had my gift on my birthday. With tons of great discounts at the store I wasn’t lucky enough to take home a pair of shoes even with 65% off as I couldn’t find it in my size. I already have quite a few pairs of shoes to last a lifetime just kidding, but when you find something that has great discounts there’s no harm to look around, no telling what I might end up getting. 

Michael Kors Studio Ginny Medium Messenger

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away, what do you always do on Valentine’s Day aside from flowers and chocolates? For me, it’s just an ordinary day, we only eat at Abuelo’s every Valentine’s Day nothing else. Also, on that day, my son’s school has a party and parents can come which I will be going. Then here comes summer, my husband bought us tickets to watch an Iron Maiden concert at Sprint Center, in Kansas City this July. I have never been to a concert in my whole life so I am a little apprehensive myself. 

Charles’ likes Iron Maiden and so do I, I kind of like some of their songs when my husband plays them in the car. The only metal band I know of are; Guns n’ Roses, Metallica, The Eagles and Nirvana. I still listens to their songs, In fact, I had a printout lyrics of November Rain from Guns n’ Roses so I could sing along in the car when I play the song over and over again. I’m not a good singer by any means I just love the song that’s it! There’s also a concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Babymetal in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Even though I said; we can’t but my husband says: you only lived once, so he bought our tickets anyway. Boy! If you haven’t heard Babymetal, this band is from Japan and they are all over the world right now, you should look them up on YouTube. It’s my husband’s newest obsession watching Babymetal concerts on YouTube, and this group is really, really good according to my husband. 

Musician's Friend

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January 30, 2017

I Am Thinking of Buying UGG Bailey Bow Tall Boots

I am so grateful I am feeling so much better after I got sick last week and so was Charles. Celebrating my birthday was more enjoyable with none of us feeling sick anymoreand most of all I got to shop the freebies that I got for my birthday. Freebies, yup! You read it right, you get free stuff like coupons when you’re celebrating your birthday mostly from the stores where you shop or through your phone application like Krispy Kreme when you have it and so is McDonald’s. Ibotta, Checkout 51 are apps where you could earn cash back by purchasing some of the products featured on their apps. Mostly on groceries which you use on a daily basis. 

Aside from these apps, I do loved Viggle and Perk combined. You get rewarded by watching television shows featured on their app in exchange of gift cards or cash through debit card or Paypal. Shopkick, you get points for walk-ins into certain stores featured on their app and kickbate for scanning barcodes on products featured on their app as well. You could also get double points when you buy the products that was featured on the app. Isn’t it wonderful you earn points and once it adds up you could be buying shoes or handbags whatever you prefer with your savings. 

UGG Bailey Bow Tall BootsUGG

Michael Kors Women's Elena Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet Watch

As for my savings with Viggle and other apps I have, I am thinking of buying UGG Bailey Bow Tall Boots. We all know UGG brand is ungodly expensive so this would be my biggest purchase if I can, aside from Michael Kors handbags and watches on sale.

September 22, 2016

Dodge Challenger R/T

Dealing with problems from one thing after another is giving me anxiety. Just the other day, when I was driving to pick up my son at school, I noticed a weird sound inside the car so I pulled over to check what’s going on. Of course, my heart was beating so fast thinking what could be the problem as I turned down the air button and the noise was still there. When I got out the car the window behind the drivers side was down and when I tried to rolled it up it didn’t work. Another car repair and it is quite expensive to fix car windows which we have no allotted budget for this month. 

Its just frustrating when something like this occurs. But anyhow, my car has to be fixed tomorrow so I will be driving my husband’s Dodge Challenger R/T. I drove the car tonight for the first time since we got it to get my boys haircut. I thought I did pretty well even though it was nighttime as I complained I hate driving at night even with my BMW X-5. The Challenger was smooth, a little higher, compared to our old car, Mustang GT, California Special. 

Dodge Challenger

The thought of driving this car was a little nerve racking for me, the buttons when switching gears are different, it has touch screen monitor for satellite radio which I have no intension of using while I’m driving. Though I am looking forward to drive again this car tomorrow when I pick up my son at school then take him out to McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A which ever he feels like it. 

Beef Kabobs

Anyway, tonight I made Beef Kabobs, and it tasted really good when it was done. Though while the Kabobs were cooking it was smoky inside the house so I had to opened the vent fan and the windows to get the smoke out. Oh my, if I’m the only one in our house cooking this type of food I would probably freaked out when it started smoking. Thank goodness! My hubby was around so I wasn’t worried the alarm will go off.

Guitar Center App

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