September 22, 2016

Dodge Challenger R/T

Dealing with problems from one thing after another is giving me anxiety. Just the other day, when I was driving to pick up my son at school, I noticed a weird sound inside the car so I pulled over to check what’s going on. Of course, my heart was beating so fast thinking what could be the problem as I turned down the air button and the noise was still there. When I got out the car the window behind the drivers side was down and when I tried to rolled it up it didn’t work. Another car repair and it is quite expensive to fix car windows which we have no allotted budget for this month. 

Its just frustrating when something like this occurs. But anyhow, my car has to be fixed tomorrow so I will be driving my husband’s Dodge Challenger R/T. I drove the car tonight for the first time since we got it to get my boys haircut. I thought I did pretty well even though it was nighttime as I complained I hate driving at night even with my BMW X-5. The Challenger was smooth, a little higher, compared to our old car, Mustang GT, California Special. 

Dodge Challenger

The thought of driving this car was a little nerve racking for me, the buttons when switching gears are different, it has touch screen monitor for satellite radio which I have no intension of using while I’m driving. Though I am looking forward to drive again this car tomorrow when I pick up my son at school then take him out to McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A which ever he feels like it. 

Beef Kabobs

Anyway, tonight I made Beef Kabobs, and it tasted really good when it was done. Though while the Kabobs were cooking it was smoky inside the house so I had to opened the vent fan and the windows to get the smoke out. Oh my, if I’m the only one in our house cooking this type of food I would probably freaked out when it started smoking. Thank goodness! My hubby was around so I wasn’t worried the alarm will go off.

Guitar Center App

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September 12, 2016

Not Easy To Say The Least

These past couple of weeks has not been very easy for me to say the least. As I recalled the time period, I was at Wal-Mart to use the bathroom without realizing I went to the men’s restroom. I just noticed it when I was done and saw the sign outside the restroom. Though when I was inside the bathroom washing my hands I noticed the person beside me looked like a guy, with long hair and a beanie on his head as I thought. I don’t know what he’s thinking either seeing me on the same bathroom as I was mortified. My heart was beating so quickly after the mishap that I went through. 

Then another grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart I forgot my husband’s milk but never bothered to go back to the store to get it. Another trip to Wal-Mart to get our groceries I forgot my husband’s cold medicine, and my sleeping pills. This time I went back to the store to get it back as it is quite a bit of money that I paid for them. Luckily, the cashier was still the same person during my checkout and handed to me what I had forgotten earlier. On my next grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart I thought it was very successful as I had used price matched using my newfound favorite app, Flipp. Until I noticed on the receipt of four toilet papers instead of two. 

Of course, I went back to the store next day and gave me my money back without asking too many questions. For this week’s trip from Wal-Mart when I was driving on my way home, the  Service Engine Soon warning light; showed up in my dashboard. What the heck? Every time I go to the store there’s always a problem from one thing to another. Maybe for our next grocery shopping trip I will tell my husband to do the shopping and see what problems occurs on his trip.

Guitar Reviews

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June 9, 2016

Indycar Tickets

I am so looking forward to watch Indycar race at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday. My sister-in-law, Connie is going with us to watch the race so this is going to be a fun-filled trip and watching the race. Indycar race is different than NASCAR racing but with Indycar tickets much affordable as family pack is hard to get by. Plus, hotdog and drinks included what could you asked for besides the long trip down to Texas. But with my boys on summer break this is our family trip for the summer. Most of all try different foods while we are in Texas and see some cowboys just kidding. 
Indycar Tickets

Parking Pass

Last year, we also had our trip down there just to watched Indycar race and I must say it was a different fun-filled scary experience on the speed limit of 75 mph. Also the weather is perfect which makes our travel safer. 

Melda Software

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May 13, 2016

Why Not Indulged on Desserts?

While everybody is posting on their Mother’s Day gift on social media I don’t have any except going to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race with my family and my sister‘s-in-law. Though I am still thinking on the amount that we spent eating on Mother’s Day at the Terrace Buffet at Argosy Casino in Kansas City. Food wise, there was nothing special that could jack up the price like seafood; crab legs or shrimp except it was Mother’s Day. Why not indulged on desserts?


German Chocolate Cake


Just a special day for moms that’s why restaurants always take advantage of the opportunity to make more money from customers. With 2 adults and 1 child costs us around $80 not including the tip this amount could get us a week of groceries. Anyway, it was a fun day watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup racing with my family and my sister’s-in-law. The weather was perfect aside from my favorite drivers not winning the race. 

NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets

Though I would loved to see some wrecks just like in Talladega, that’s what makes the races more exciting to watch. When the race was over, finding where we parked our car was smooth sailing to say the least and so was getting out of traffic. When it comes to Indy Car race we pay for parking and it is way too closer to the track at Texas Motor Speedway which we are going to next month. My husband already bought our tickets without asking my opinion but with drinks and hot dogs included on family pack was hard to pass up. 

Besides, he always says; we need to do something for the summer even if it takes 6 hours on the road driving. Just a few months ago, we went to Tulsa, Oklahoma when my husband watched his favorite band, Iron Maiden in concert while Charles and me stayed at the hotel. When it comes to my husband he’s a go-getter even though I always say no most of the time.